Monday, September 12, 2005


I said I ws going to sleep but ended up fooling around online. Glad I did. I always say I'll spotlight The Chicago Defender and I never do (I do link to them on my blogroll). Something always happens. "Meant to." Like my previous post.

Saw this at The Common Ills and I'm just going to swipe from C.I. and post it here. Haven't cared much for John Kerry since he didn't fight for a recount but I'll give him credit for having something in an African-American newspaper.


Keesha e-mails to note John Kerry's "Commentary: Lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina" (The Chicago Defender):

The evidence that our nation was unprepared for hurricane Katrina is undeniable. Thousands of our fellow citizens losing their lives not to wind and water -- but thirst and starvation. Rescue attempts failing to materialize days on end, leaving mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, to perish in ways embarrassing to fathom in this society: children running out of medication; elderly too long without dialysis; patients whose oxygen tanks went empty or respirators went offline.
When people were stuck on those roofs, they weren't just cut off from the floors beneath them. They were cut off from the world, including the nation that pledged to protect them.The failure in Washington was indeed undeniable and embarrassing, and time will continue to expose the scope of the injustice exacted on the people of New Orleans.
In the meantime, we must honor those lost in the hurricane by making a strong commitment to the survivors. And our first responders should be commended for their bravery in the face of countless dangers.
If there is any silver lining for Americans in the face of this tragedy, we can find it in the courage of our people. Families are gathering food, clothes and supplies and sending it south by the truckload. Americans are opening up their homes to complete strangers. The generosity and compassion of the American people is incomparable but sadly these past few days Americans have learned the hard way that generosity and compassion from those who are in charge of the federal government is in short supply.

Keesha's cool and always finding neat stuff. We served together on the committee at The Common Ills that selects the blogs to add to the blogroll over there and I just want to close with a shout out to Keesh.


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