Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Carols etc.

Kat had me laughing so hard on the phone.

She has amazed me since her first review at The Common Ills ("Kat's Korner Green Day v. the Disney Kids") and getting to know her has only demonstrated that I didn't know how amazing she was.

There's only one Kat which is too bad because the world could use a lot more like her.

Three Cool Old Guys had a question and it was about Saturday's post. We all talked a lot more than is in that post about the process of doing The Third Estate Sunday Review. But what I printed was "on the record." C.I., for instance, had a little more to say but that was off the record. I figured everyone would know that because there was an issue about whether or not people were getting permission when they quoted people in the past.

I didn't mean for that to confuse anyone.

What am I doing these days? We're rehearsing to be really tight when we go caroling. We're also putting together a briefer version that we can do as part of the church service.

There's a lot of back and forth in the choir on that because everyone has their favorite Christmas carol. Mine's "Silent Night" so I'm lucky because no one ever suggests, "Why don't we cut that?" "Jingle Bells" survived the cut but "Deck the Halls" may not. It's in a fierce competion with "Away In A Manger." We're only going to do four in church and "O Come All Ye Faithful" is too popular to cut.

Our choir director is knocking himself out on every song. He's trying to work up some new arrangements and we've got a lot of different vocals going on throughout each song. He's also calling two additional rehearsals for the week. So that's already taking a lot of my time and will only take more as Christmas draws nearer.

Regardless of what you celeberate or if you celebrate nothing, I hope this is a good time of year for you. The year's winding down and it's gone by so fast. I can remember New Year's Eve last year so clearly, it doesn't seem like it's already time again.

Kat's got suggested readings and I want to offer three myself. Kat's "White mobs do love their Bobby Dylan," Rebecca's "Peanuts & the Press" and C.I.'s "NYT: 'U.S. Interrogations Are Saving European Lives, Rice Says' (Joel Brinkley)."

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