Thursday, January 19, 2006

Stop Alito, keep the momentum building

Elaine called and said great post yesterday (thank you) and that she saw something at The Common Ills and was calling around to see if I was interested in noting it. Rebecca's noting it too so hopefully, the word will be out on this. It's some good news from Feminist Wire:

January 19, 2006
No on Alito Momentum Building
The momentum to stop the confirmation of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court is growing. Several Democratic Senators have already announced their intention to oppose Alito.
These Senators include Patrick Leahy (VT), Ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee; Judiciary Committee member Ted Kennedy (MA); Barbara Mikulski (MD); and Max Baucus (MT). Senators Leahy and Baucus had voted to confirm John Roberts in September. The option for a filibuster to block Alito is still on the table.
with The Smeal Report and the New Leif blogs at
Call your Senators and urge them to oppose Alito
Make an emergency contribution to the Feminist Majority’s Save Roe Campaign. We must be a strong voice in this crucial fight to save Roe and the Supreme Court for women’s rights.
Media Resources: Feminist Majority

I want everyone to remember that Alito was a member of CAPs, Concerned Alumini of Princeton. He may still be a member. How would we know and how would he? He can't remember being a member so maybe he's still a member and just can't remember that either?
He remembered when he filled out an application in the eighties. Guess he bumped his head.

So what was Concerned Alumini concerned about?

They weren't concerned about ROTC.

They were concerned that too many of "the wrong people" were getting admitting to Princeton: African-Americans, women and gays and lesbians.

This man wants to sit on the Supreme Court and he can't explain why he was a member of a bigoted organization.

That's not justice, that's not fairness, that's not right.

Let your senators hear from you. Loudly. Let them know that you aren't taking this lightly.

A racist doesn't belong on the Supreme Court and since Alito can't give a straight answer about why he joined the organization and can't remember being a member, we'll have to put it to the smell test: Alito's lying because he joined a racist organization and he never had a change of heart so he can't own up to being a member.

Momentum is building and we've got to keep it building and keep the ball rolling.

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