Thursday, March 02, 2006

Senate passed the Patriot Act

I received an e-mail wondering if I had problems like Betty and Kat Tuesday? No. I just didn't blog.

Tuesday was a birthday of a third of Three Cool Old Guys. I was at the nursing home eating cake and having a good time. (Photos will be in Friday's the gina & krista round-robin.)

There's been so much stuff lately, that it's all I can do to keep up by reading. On the fun side, check out "Kat's Korner: Cat Power's Greatness," "Kat's Korner: Nina Simone -- Golden," and
"Industry Shocker: America's Funniest Videos? Not that American" as well as anything at The Daily Jot.

The Senate passed extensions to the Patriot Act (Mike talks about that). How come? At a time when Bully Boy's been exposed, and then some, as a crook who spies on the American people without warrants, why pass it? Read the thing C.I. wrote about this week's NSA hearing and maybe you'll think, like I do, they rolled over. How come?

The ports issue. It's huge news and it's not going away. (That doesn't mean it won't turn around and bite the Democrats in the butt.) So with Bully Boy's national security bonafides being questioned, the Dems move to strengthen their own appearances. I think that was the thinking there. I don't think it was, "I'm going to listen to my constituents. I'm going to think about all the towns, cities and states that have passed resolutions against the Patriot Act."

I think our liberties took a back seat to "image" and I think that's pretty disgusting.

I got the Nina Simone CDs Kat was talking about. I see, or hear, what she means. The first CD is nice enough but the second CD is really the keeper. My favorite song, that I didn't know before I listened to this set, is probably "Sunday in Savannah." I'd never heard that song before.
I agree with Kat that "Pirate Jenny" isn't Simone clowning. She's singing like she's moving lightly, with her head down, while she goes about the chores and awaits the destruction of the occupiers. I laughed out loud when Kat wrote "Nina Simone seems to revel in exploring this song about, to use today's terms, 'the insurgent.'" That's what makes Kat so good at reviews (or
Ava and C.I.), there's something more going on besides "cool songs, man!" It's reflecting the world around us.

That's really it tonight. I'll probably blog tomorrow and maybe have something to say. But I'm not going to act like the news about the Patriot Act passing the Senate is cause to be happy.

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