Friday, April 07, 2006

Robert Parry on KPFA's Living Room this afternoon

Wasn't planning on blogging and normally wouldn't at this time of day. But normally, I'd be at work.

I wanted to note that Rebecca's favorite Robert Parry will be interviewed on KPFA today at noon PT, two CT and three ET on a program called Living Room. She'd note it if one of my favorites was interviewed and Parry's someone whose writing I like to. We discussed at least two of his books at The Third Estate Sunday Review. He was also nice enough, when Ava e-mailed him about ABC changing Colin Powell's words up in their press release on Barbara Walter's interview with Powell, to note Ava and C.I.'s coverage on that. He did that even though Ava wrote him that she wasn't asking for a link but she wanted to get off her chest how angry she was that ABC had changed up Powell's words. So when not asked for a link, when someone says not to link, he still provided one. That's a pretty nice guy. You should already know that he's a real journalist who could be working for the mainstream and making big bucks. He did before, he won awards and praise. But he got sick of the way something's couldn't be covered and something's got buried. So he started his own news organization, Consortium News. That should make you want to listen. So go listen.

I'm on Jess's laptop by the way. So thank you, Jess. And I'm in California, so thank you C.I. That's why I didn't blog last night. I'd called to compliment everyone on their work on the immigration issue and got invited out. I talked to my boss and he pointed out that I had time off and "You never turn down a free trip!" So here I am and thank you, again, to C.I.

Want to thank independent media? Pay attention to it. So check out Robert Parry on Living Room today.

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