Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Barack's imitation-rock concert

Turning to the US presidential race.  The first three links are dealing with a topic that is offenisve.  You've been warned.  Members of the Cult of Barack have a new uniform they sported over the weekend.  A t-shirt proclaiming Governor Sarah Palin is a c**t.  With a photo of the t-shirt, Joseph (Cannonfire) explains, "The left has turned into an emetic morass of human sewage. When you go into the voting booth, picture the faces of the smug, haughty young creeps pictured in the photo above.  They represent the new Democratic party.  They are the reason why this lifelong Dem left the party.  If you reward the Obots with your vote, you are saying: 'I want the Democratic party to keep acting like that'." Jake Tapper (ABC News -- in the safest version) covers the story and asks, "Why would these four think this is acceptable discourse?"  BIG WARNING on Ben Smith because an innocent looking link in his piece will take you to nudity. He quotes Barack Cultist Rhiannon Volpe who declares, "I personally am a register Liberatrian, supporting Obama this year."  She thinks those shirts are acceptable (and she designed and sold them) because, hey, in Cult of Barack, anything goes.  The ones wearing those shirts in Philadelphia?  That crowd included a man calling for Palin to be stoned.  That never worried Amy Goodman or the beyond-pathetic Robert Parry.  Mari A. Schaefer and Amy S. Rosenberg (Philadelphia Inquirer) report the threat was, "Let's stone her, old style."  Meanwhile social worker and pro-life feminist Angela Kays-Burden (Christian Science Monitor) expresses her opinion, "The White House Project, a nonprofit organization, states that support from other women is critical to increasing the number of women in politics.  But, in general, feminists have led attacks on one of their own who is close to shattering the ceiling.  To them, Palin's pro-life position alone is proof that she is not fit to lead."  At The Confluence, Riverdaughter addresses where she stands regarding the bullying from the Cult of Barack:
Many of us PUMAs are perfectly comfortable in our own skin with our own decisions.  We don't want others pestering us about Obama anymore.  We aren't interested in poll results.  Obama supporters who come here to try to depress turnout or convert us are wasting their time.  We simply do not care what you think of us.  We have been called stupid, old, uneducated, ridiculous females, a shrieking horde of paranoid holdouts, racists, traitors and Republicans.  Oddly enough, this has not made us want to vote for Obama. 
The world will go on, no matter what we're called.  And if Obama loses on Nov. 4, I will be the first to say, "Good!"  You can blame me, scream at me, jump up and down throw a fit, ostracize me, I really don't give a flying fig.  I will live through it and so will the others on the many dozens of blogs like this one. 
It is regrettable that we have grown apart but I'm sure we will both survive.  And the next time the party tries to pull this $#%^, I hope they will think twice as to whether it was worth it. 
Now, masslib and people who gave in to peer pressure can say that Obama is going to win but I have enough emails from the party that suggest that plans to launch a full out attack to pressure us into voting for Obama.  If he were doing that well, the upcoming psychological warfare would be unneccesary.  So, please stop the annoying pro-Obama blather.  We aren't buying it and we don't care. 
Klownhaus adds, "We Conflucians may indeed be the last paranoid band of shrieking hold-outs, but we damn sure ain't gonna quit now."  On the polling, Jake Tapper (ABC News) observed yesterday, "That's not what lots of smart folks in the Obama campaign think. They believe Obama's poll numbers are artificially high, McCain's are artificially low, this race will come down to two or three points, and anything could happen." As Ava and I explained Sunday:
Polling is not an exact science and the only poll that matters is the election vote. Polling works as an indicator (when it works) and not for who's going to win the election but for where campaigns should and should not invest time.  

But it does not work when an egg head class has repeatedly told the American people that those who will not vote for Barack are racists. We've tried to figure out why idiots push that nonsense? Maybe they think it will intimidate on election day? Most likely, it won't. Most likely, people will say, "I voted for Barack" and won't vote for him. How many? No one knows. But when so many idiots have pushed to make a vote for anyone other than Barack a vote for racism, you can't expect to get honest answers in the polling.  

Someone should have called them out on it a long time ago. We're told (by friends with the Barack campaign) that they're aware of the problem and it's created a huge issue for the campaign. They're trying to figure out what's the magic number to lead by. They have no clue -- not because they're idiots but because Idiot Rothschild, Idiot Herbert and so many others have made it impossible to get an honest answer from the most basic polling question of whom are you going to vote for?  

Smart observers have already grasped that even exit polls on election day will now be in question due to idiots turning "who are you going to vote for?" into a loaded question. If Barack loses (we have no idea who will win), some of the harsh words should be aimed at the people who repeatedly attempted to make it vote-for-Barack-or-be-a-racist. It was stupid. And it never should be allowed to happen again. If Barack loses (and he may win, we're not saying he's going to lose), a large part of the blame will have to go to those who so poisoned the well that his campaign was denied accurate polling numbers. (That's not arguing that the problems in the primaries don't matter. In this, we're speaking of the general election phase and how the polling is damaged -- a fact that became very clear as the primary process wrapped up.) 
Today the McCain-Palin campaign announced the endorsement of Latino business leaders:

ARLINGTON, VA -- McCain-Palin 2008 today announced the support of more than 50 influential Hispanic business leaders from across the country. They will work to communicate John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin's economic plan which will create jobs, ensure energy security, reform government spending and bring relief to American consumers.  
"I am supporting John McCain because he has always done what is right for all Americans," said Mary Jean Duran of California, "He will continue to give Hispanic-American-owned small businesses the opportunity to compete in the global markets, while Barack Obama proposes billions in higher taxes, more spending and isolationism from global economy." 
Jerry Natividad from Colorado added, "John McCain will fight to ensure the American dream is still achievable for us and for our children. He has a plan to get our economy back on track, create jobs, and keep people in their homes. He understands that small businesses are the job engine of America. Our economy simply cannot afford Barack Obama's plans for trade, health care, taxes, and energy."  
Frank C. Rivera, Arizona
Ruben Alvarez, Arizona
Claudia Bermudez, California
Donald C. Garcia, California
Fred Armendariz, California
Issac Barcelona, California 
Jarryd Rudolph, California
Josh Valdez, California 
Mario Rodriguez, California
Mary Jean Duran, California
Matthew Venegas, California 
Pablo Wong, California
Solomon D. Trujillo, California 
Tom Garcia, California 
William Jerry Silva, California
Willie Wulff, California 
Jerry Natividad, Colorado
Eric Rojo, Washington, D.C. 
Jose A. Fuentes, Washington, D.C. 
Juan Carlos Benitez, Washington, D.C.
Roberto Jose Coquis, Washington, D.C. 
Al Cardenas, Florida
Roberto Espin, Florida 
David Hernandez, Florida 
Eric Carson, Hawaii
Gloria M. Campos, Illinois 
Vinicio E. Madrigal, Louisiana
Jose Nino, Maryland 
David Olivencia, Michigan
Richard Aguilar, Minnesota 
Jeannette Hernandez Prenger, Missouri
Fernando Romero, Nevada
Tibi Ellis, Nevada 
Dr. Horatio Villareal, New Mexico 
Ramon Tallaj, New York 
Dr. Cynthia Lama, New York
Dr. Carlos Aviles, New York 
Alfredo Gutierrez, New Jersey 
John Regis, Puerto Rico
Ignacio Veloz, Puerto Rico
Maria Taxman, Missouri  
Jeannette Hernandez Pranger, Missouri
F.H. Guzman, Tennessee
Raul Lopez, Tennessee
Sylvia Marcela Gomez, Tennessee
Adryana Boyne, Texas 
Jacob Monty, Texas 
Jenny De La Rosa, Texas
Jose Cuevas, Texas
Rick Jaramillo, Texas 
Rolando Pablos, Texas 
Massey Villareal, Texas
Nina Vaca, Texas 
Ted Cruz, Texas 
Tom Covino, Texas
Sylvia Haro, Utah 
Jacqueline Krick, Virginia 
Jo- Ann Chase, Virginia
Luis Quinonez, Virginia
Ralph Nader is the independent presidential candidate and Matt Gonzalez is his running mate. Wednesday October 15, Ralph Nader will speak at Cooper Union (NYC) at six p.m. and the following day the independent presidential candidate at noon "Ralph will take to the street in front of the NYSE to protest the bailout at Federal Hall, 26 Wall St. NYC."  Team Nader notes the blackout on the campaign by some outlets (blackout and distortions):
While local AP bureaus have done an excellent job in many states covering the Nader/Gonzalez campaign, we have noticed what can only be described as a 'lights out' policy from AP's Washington, DC national political desk.

After waiting six months for a national AP news story, we get a third party story that is really about Barr ("Bailout angst provides a push for Libertarian Barr.")

You couldn't even dedicate resources inside AP to research our campaign and write up the story, though given the present state of repair, Mr Runyan was probably less biased than what you would have offered from in house.

We are running third place, polling 100% higher than Barr according to Ipsos, have been warning on the financial crisis for two decades, and have a thoughtful alternative proposal to the bailout that would work for Americans. Nader is also polling 4-8 per cent in six swing states and has raised almost $4 million dollars--about four times as much as Barr.

And for that, we get a squib marginalized by a headline.

The AP's treatment of this campaign to date will go down in history as a blight on your professionalism--allowing personal animosity to black out your role of informing people of the important things that are happening. Your sports writers did a considerably better job in Beijing than your politics desk is doing this election in Washington, DC. There were ample reports about Americans who won bronze medals, coming in third place, exactly where Nader is sitting right now. To add insult to injury, the Olympics is only 2.5 weeks, and we have been in this contest for over six months. When did it become the role of the press to only write about winning candidates, winning corporations, and winning sports teams, completely blacking out everything else no matter how thoughtful, interesting, or relevant to the discourse and development of the nation?

It is simply unbelievable that you have done nothing on Nader's bailout plan.

As the most relied upon news organization for print media in the world, one would expect a shred of professionalism for the third-highest ranked Presidential candidate.

Every day, we hear from people that say they did not even know Nader was running. When he pulls in more than a million votes on November 4th, and many more people see his name on the ballot for the first time in print (as his name will be before roughly twice as many voters this time), they will wonder what in the heck the news media was doing for them to have not yet heard he was running. One national story all campaign does not a newswire make.

I hope you take the opportunity to return to your proud traditions which are quickly turning into receding laurels.

As the government continues to do a new multi-billion dollar bailout each week, the least you could do is a story on Nader's alternative plan to the bailouts. See below a release detailing it.


Not a happy camper,

Toby Heaps
National Media Coordinator
202 471 5833

Feel free to reach out to Donna, and ask why she hasn't done one national story on us since launch, a story on the bailout, and Nader's alternative plan, dcassata@ap.org, 202-641-9421 
If Donna is not responsive, try the Washington Bureau chief, Ron Fournier, rfournier@ap.org, 202-641-9402 
In addition, Team Nader is launching a "What's your breaking point?" series where you are invited to share your stories with the campaign (via Communications Director Loralynne Krobetzky -- loralynne@votenader.org).


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Turning to the US presidential race. The first three links are dealing with a topic that is offenisve. You've been warned. Members of the Cult of Barack have a new uniform they sported over the weekend. A t-shirt proclaiming Governor Sarah Palin is a c**t. With a photo of the t-shirt, Joseph (Cannonfire) explains, "The left has turned into an emetic morass of human sewage. When you go into the voting booth, picture the faces of the smug, haughty young creeps pictured in the photo above. They represent the new Democratic party. They are the reason why this lifelong Dem left the party. If you reward the Obots with your vote, you are saying: 'I want the Democratic party to keep acting like that.


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