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Turning now to The Whoring Of America. The WikiLeaks release is huge, it is a story that is far reaching. But take a moment to look around. The MSM? Diane Rehm's covered it, Larry King, Good Morning America, The NewsHour, the three commerical broadcast evening news programs, the New York Times, etc, have covered it. Who's whoring? Our so-called left. The Progressive? Matty Rothschild did one audio on it this week -- finally. Can't write about it. Can't be bothered with that. But those little 60 second spots he does twice a week? He did one on WikiLeaks. Oh, how he must have tired himself. He can write -- and has repeatedly -- since the release but he's focused on elections. We'll come back to elections in a moment. Baby Cum Pants Amitabh Pal. The little liar, you may remember, made such a whorish judgment, his ass honestly should have been canned. 'Examing' the landscape after England elected their new prime minister, Pal said the Iraq War didn't do in Labour and that England was "keen to forget" the Iraq War. Rebecca called the lying bag of s**t out here. Rebecca and I both knew better because we had access to Labour's polling throughout the lead up to the election (and Rebecca went to London to help with the p.r.). Baby Cum Pants Pal wanted to forget. As we saw after Baby Cum Pants made his ridiculous statements, the fight for prime minister came down to where did you stand on Iraq. One brother triumphed over another (Ed Miliband over David -- I know both Miliband brothers) as a result of where they stood on Iraq. Not only that, Iraq's continued importance in England was addressed last Friday on The Diane Rehm Show:
James Kitfield: Diane, can I just make a point? I just came back from London, working on this story. The-the fact is Britain no longer wants to be that ally to us. You know the Iraq War has really soured them on being America's, you know, ally of first resort. It's an aftermath, blowback from the Iraq War.
Baby Cum Pants has never, ever issued an apology or correction. Though he can't write about WikiLeaks, Baby Cum Pants showed up at The Progressive yesterday to cup and fondle Bob Herbert. Why, oh, why didn't Herbert get more attention? He means media attention and, as usual, Baby Cum Pants doesn't know what he's talking about. While jerking off to Herbert, he fails to grasp that African-Americans in any staff position on a TV public affairs show tend to object to Herbert as a guest. Why? They know how he leap frogged from the New York Daily News to the New York Times (on the backs of young African-American males whom he portrayed as criminals in one of NYC's most sensationalistic crimes, Herbert tried and covicted them in his columns -- history has proven him wrong). So if you want to know why you're hero doesn't get more attention, Baby Cum Pants, you need to know what your hero did. When his name is raised, African-American staffers will regularly recommend Clarence Page, Colbert King, William Raspberry and a host of others. Your ignorance is not an excuse, Baby Cum Pants.
Friday we were calling out Bob Herbert's dreadful on campus speech. In it, you may remember, Herbert had the nerve to blame the American people for not focusing on the Iraq War when the media is the one not focusing -- like Pal, the media wants to "forget" -- and when Herbert's grandstanding was undercut by the fact that you had to drop back 15 columns to find Herbert even writing about the wars (he wrote about Afghanistan in a column published on the day Barack gave his big nothing August 31st speech). In addition, he wrote about Afghanistan August 17th, and then again June 26th . . . No, that's not regularly for a person with a twice-a-week column. And you have to go way, way back to find a column by him on the Iraq War. Baby Cum Pants is waxing on Herbert's dreadful speech with claims of it being anti-war and political. It wasn't. It was The Best Years Of Our Lives. It was let Bob Herbert hide behind wounded veterans and pretend to be brave. It is impossible to believe that any sane American -- regardless of right or left or inbetween or don't care about politics -- takes joy or gladness in the wounded of US service members. It's not a political issue. It's something everyone can agree on. And that was the basis of Herbert bad and non-brave speech. It was not "an eloquent anti-war oration" and that anyone at The Progressive wants to whore it as such goes a long way to explaining why that tepid magazine just gets more and more deadly dull. Pal wrote about his sexual desire but he didn't have time for WikiLeaks.
Over at The Nation, they've posted a video of Jerry Scahill talking about WikiLeaks . . . on MSNBC. Did Jerry write about WikiLeaks for The Nation? Woops! No, he didn't. In fact, other than Greg Mitchell's slight and sleight dispatches (newly fashioned as the Liz Smith of the faux political set by The Nation magazine), the only writing on WikiLeaks was to allow an Iranian dissident on the US payroll to distort a field report (we addressed that Saturday and I'm being very kind and not putting it into a snapshot). Greg contributes his free-form prose stylings which include 5 'sentences' in his most recent dispatch on WikiLeaks if by sentences you mean words tossed together (if you mean subject-verb-direct object, they don't pass muster but Greg's discovered ellipses in his gossip maven phase). Now it's not that The Nation has stopped posted online. They just have more 'important' things to talk about. Plugging Katrina vanden Heuvel's media appearances, for example or what Matty Damon wants for his birthday (besides a hit film which continues to elude him), ESPN, Juan Williams, Ziggy Marley and pot, and always and always elections.
Point of fact, we're now back to elections, people not in Nevada are not strongly invested in Nevada's Senate election. People not in Delaware? The same. Political junkies devoted to races, a small section of the public, may need their fix, but that's really not what The Nation or The Progressive is supposed to be about. The coverage is bulls**t and instantly disposable after next Tuesday. They've wasted everyone's time in attempts to up the vote for the Democratic Party. That's whoring. And America can't afford it. The Progressive has served up a whopping sixty seconds on WikiLeaks. Except for Gushing Greg's Breathless Bulletins and outsourcing a report to an Iranian dissident, The Nation can't even claim to have done that.
Oh all around the marketplace
The buzzing of the flies
The buzzing and the stinging
Divinely barren
And wickedly wise
The killer nails are ringing

Enter the multitudes
In Exxon blue
In radiation rose
Now you tell me
Who you gonna get to do the dirty work
When all the slaves are free?
Who're you gonna get
Who you gonna get to do the dirty work
When all the slaves are free?
-- "Passion Play," written by Joni Mitchell, first appears on her Night Ride Home
What of In These Times? You mean In These Turn Out The Vote For The Democratic Party Times? This magazine is so far from its roots that its eventual demise will be no cause for sadness. All they're doing is whoring. The left and so-called left outlets are whoring for the Democratic Party with fan club bulletings while ignoring WikiLeaks' revelations. It tells you a great deal about how the nation's been dumbed down and about The Whoring of America. Once upon a time, these same outlets liked to hector the MSM and pretend they were better than the MSM. Their own actions have demonstrated that they're not in the MSM because they couldn't hold down a job there. Their hilarious excuse for their lack of Iraq coverage has been "it's too violent" blah, blah, blah. Here they have to do nothing but sit at their computers and read over documents -- and judging by their ass size, they're very good at sitting at their computers -- but even that's too much for them. Anything more than gossip is apparently too much for them.
They've shamed themselves and those who refuse to call them out are endorsing The Whoring of America. Mid-term elections are Tuesday -- many Americans that will vote have already voted -- most Americans are interested in their own races if they are interested at all. But each day we can count on our so-called 'independent' 'news' outlets to ignore WikiLeaks but churn out more get-out-the-vote pieces. It's shameful and whores need to come with a sell-by-date. Forced retirement would cut a lot of this crap out.
Amy Goodman's done her whoring in headlines thus far this week and made time for WikiLeaks on Monday and on Tuesday. If she had any real guts, WikiLeaks would be a story -- not a headline -- every day on Democracy Now! this week. I doubt she has the fortitude to do that. (I could be wrong -- and would love to be.) Today she spoke with WikiLeaks' Julian Assange (link has text, audio and video). Excerpt:
Julian Assange: Well, these documents cover the periods of 2004 to the beginning of 2010. It is the most accurate description of a war to have ever been released. Within them, we can see 285,000 casualties. That's added up, report by report. That's each casualty, where it happened, when it happened, and who was involved, according to internal US military reporting. Now, looking at particular groups of casualties, we can see, for example, over 600 civilians killed at checkpoint killings, including thirty children, previously -- mostly previously unreported, that three-quarters of those killed at checkpoint killings, according to the United States military itself, were civilians, and only one-quarter, according to the US military internal reporting, were insurgents. We see 284 reports covering torture or other forms of prisoner abuse by coalition forces, covering 300 different people. We see over a thousand reports of torture and other prisoner abuse by the Iraqi state itself, many or most of those receiving no meaningful investigation. I heard in your introduction that the Pentagon claims that the Iraqi government is responsible for this, but in international law, it is the person or government or organization that has effective control that is responsible. And certainly, before the technical legal handover from the Coalition Provisional Authority to the Iraqi government, it is clear that the United States and other coalition forces were the effective, legally responsible group for those. We see in the United Kingdom, Phil Shiner and his group Public Interest Lawyers, Amnesty International, and in New York, Human Rights Watch, calling for investigation and, in some cases, lawsuits against coalition forces for wrongful death. There's other aspects, as well. We can see the involvement of Iran in Iraq with various forms of support given to Shia groups. We can see the corruption present in the Maliki government, including what appears to be a special forces -- Iraqi special forces -- squad personally responsible to Maliki and not tasked by the Iraqi army itself that has been going around and strong-arming and possibly assassinating opponents.
Meanwhile Gareth Porter (Antiwar.com) reports what the New York Times 'forgot' (got wrong) about Iran and its connections to Iraq:
Petraeus's spokesman, Gen. Kevin Bergner, later accused Iran of having directed the Karbala attack though it control of networks of "Special Groups" armed and trained by Iran. Petraeus maintained consistently that Iran was backing "rogue" units that had left the Mahdi Army.
The WikiLeaks documents show, however, that Petraeus and his command in Iraq were well aware that al-Dulaimi was a Mahdi Army commander in charge of secret operations. The Petraeus "Special Groups" line was aimed at hiding the fact that the U.S. command was determined to destroy as much of the Mahdi Army as possible by claiming that it was actually attacking rogue Shi'ite militias.
The New York Times story on Iran-related WikiLeaks documents by Michael Gordon, which portrays the documents as reconfirming the Petraeus line on Iran-backed "Special Groups," highlighted the intelligence report on Dulaimi but omitted the central fact that it clearly identifies him as a Mahdi Army commander.
The evidence also indicates that the Mahdi Army Karbala operation was done with the full knowledge of the Maliki government.

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