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One of the insitutional 'victims' of the Iraq War has been the US State Dept.US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and various supporters are lamenting in public but not for what's been done to the State Dept, not for how it's been harmed, just to try to squeeze a few bucks out of the system. It's very disgusting, it's very tacky. But that's hallmark of Barack's administration, now isn't? Walter Pincus (Washington Post) reports late today, "With insurgent violence continuing in the country and all U.S. combat forces still scheduled to leave by the end of the year, State has taken over a $230 million Army contact with L-3 Communications to allow intelligence services to continue through the end of May 2012, five months after military personnel are expected to leave."
Ooh this could get messy
But you don't seem to mind
Ooh don't go telling everybody
And overlook this supposed crime
-- "Hands Clean," written by Alanis Morissette, first appears on her Under Rug Swept
State will now be over military intelligence. Jane Harman, Anne The Pig Face Marie Slaughter and all the others don't give a damn about what that means. Rightly or wrongly, in other countries the US State Dept is often seen as a cover for CIA operatives. That belief has justified a great deal of violence against the US State Dept over the years. Now idiots and lunkheads have decided to spray paint a big bulls eye on the back of all State Dept employees. Thank you, Barak Obama.
Michele Kelemen (NPR's All Things Considered) reports that Hillary went to the National Defense University with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta so both could whine in public like little beggars. Hillary and Robert Gates (former Secretary of Defense) pulled that little stunt before too. Under the Bush administration, State was sidelined and its influence was chipped away at to build up Defense. State will not be restored to its proper position by playing hand maiden to the Defense Dept nor by taking on Defense tasks and roles. If State is to be restored to its previous position -- a supposed goal of Hillary's -- this is not how you make it happen. Hillary and Leon wanted to boo-hoo from the script which says, "We'll say it's making us look bad internationally! This inability of Congress to come to terms on economic matters!" No, it make it appear you don't know your damn place or your damn role.
Jane Harman is now a private citizen and she can self-embarrass all she wants -- we've all seen the hair, right? Panetta and Clinton are not private citizens. (A) If their concerns were real, airing them in public doesn't help the situation. (B) Their concerns aren't real (or they wouldn't be airing them) but an attempt to manipulate the American people. Hillary's remarks are laughable, she's become the Beggar Woman of DC or possibly the capitol's Little Match Girl, "Spare change for coffee? I've almost got bus fair, could I get a dollar?"
"We have an opportunity," she declared today, "right now in the Middle East and North Africa that I'm not sure we are going to be able to meet, because we don't have the resources to invest in the new democracies in Egypt and Tunisia, to help the transition in Libya, to see what happens in Syria and so much else." It doesn't cost a dime to "see what happens" anywhere as a spectator. The US "opportunity" in Libya does not appear to be the "opportunity" the people of Libya want as evidenced by the fact that the little CIA-staged and backed uprising that was going to last a few weeks is now over five months old. Most of all, don't talk about opportunities for the State Dept -- which is supposed to be about diplomacy -- when what you're doing is trying to sell a military budget for the State Dept in Iraq. Fortunately Barack Obama doesn't have the votes necessary in the Senate or House still. That's what this is all about.
Plan B to continue the Iraq War. Though it's been discussed publicly, the press has largely ignored it. Should the White House and Nouri be unable to come to an agreement to keep US forces on the ground in Iraq beyond December 31, 2011, troops and contractors get moved from the umbrella of Defense to the umbrella of State and the switch puts them under the Strategic Framework Agreement which makes it 'legal' and means it requires no additional agreements or treaties. It's the militarization of diplomacy and the brain child of Samantha Power who discovered and promoted the loophole in the transition period between the 2008 election and Barack being sworn in January 2009.
Someone needs to remind Leon Panetta that the rate of military suicide, the rate of military sexual assault and so much more that Robert Gates was always 'working on' never improved under Gates and if he's got time to plead for State Dept money, he damn well better have solved the many problems of the Defense Dept. If not, he needs to sit his ass down and get to work doing the damn job he said he wanted. If Congress had any real desire for progress on those issues, they'd start setting deadlines for these jabbering figureheads, such as, "We want to see a 10% reduction in military suicides in six months, a 25% reduction in a year. We expect you to meet that reduction or to teder your resignation, Mr. Panetta."
Robert Burns (AP) interviewed Hillary and Leon today and writes in his report:
Clinton said Americans should understand that in addition to preserving military strength, it is in the nation's security interests to maintain the State Department's role in diplomacy and development. She suggested that the political stalemate over spending cuts has put that in jeopardy.
Appointed officials should understand their role. You're a public servant, save the lectures and especially the fear tactics. Learn your place and learn it damn quick. If you want to preserve "diplomacy" you don't militarize it. We're not stupid children, we're the citizens of the United States and you are and will remain answerable to us while you are our public servants. Quit your bitching, quit your whining and get to work. Your break's over. You want Americans to make do with so much less while still wanting your inflated budget. No, not going to happen. Get to work,shut your mouths, stop your scare tactics. You're not appointed to offer a running commentary on Congress. If you have time to do that, you need to tender your resignation because you clearly are MISUSING GOVERMENT RESOURCES. You do understand that's a crime, right? So just stop your whining, do your damn job and stop trying to scare the American people.
Let's stay with 'withdrawal' and move over to the White House's preferred plan: A new agreement with Iraq that keeps US forces on the ground in Iraq beyond 2011. Press TV (link has text and video) spoke with Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation's Sabah Jawad about the US government's efforts to continue to occupy Iraq:
Press TV: Every time there is talk of Americans leaving Iraq, we are witnessed to a new wave of violence, do you see any links here?

Jawad: Yes, I mean it is definitely there is a link that makes Americans desperate to stay in Iraq, and especially since the expiry of their stay in Iraq is fast approaching, through the end of the year, and they want to stay and they want to put pressure on the Iraqi government and the Iraqi government they can't decide it because of the political process and possibly have completing statements by governments and participants of the political process regarding the stay of the American troops. Most of them actually support the extension of troops particularly the Kurdish parties and some other parties and the government and we see now these atrocities that they are committing and ongoing actually as we approach the final few weeks of the deadline and this is very clearly the policy of United States. They want to show that the Iraqi forces, security forces are not capable of maintaining law and order. Therefore they need the American presence there. They're proposing that the 20,000 American troops remain in Iraq and this is on top of the 16,000 stuff, and the biggest embassy in the world in Baghdad, and also for the foreseeable future there would be in control of the Iraqi air space. They will be based in seven to nine military bases which are near airports in Iraq. Therefore they will call the shots regarding the air space as well. They don't want to leave, particularly at this moment; they see a lot of popular uprisings against Arab regimes. They want to be there to keep an eye on the situation and so on. So they are desperate not to leave but the Iraqi people are determined actually, they have a popular resentment against the Americans, and I just remind you that one foreman at defense secretary in United States has said that the Iraqi people hate us and they could read the situation very proper. The Iraqi people hate the occupations and they will not stay silent until the last American soldiers leave Iraq.

Press TV: Why is it that the US wants to stay in Iraq despite, as you mentioned as well, the growing opposition from the people of Iraq themselves?

Jawad: Well, America as you know it's facing a huge crisis political and military crisis and financial crisis in the United States. They want to remain in Iraq because they invested millions and billions of dollars to prolong the occupation to maintain the occupation and to support their so called moderate regime in the Arab world they don't want to sacrifice that. In fact one of the closest which has been exposed as one of the negotiating points with the Iraqi government are the military bases they are going to have in Iraq beyond 2011. There will be seven or nine huge military bases between 40 and 275 acres each and these they will rent from the Iraqi government with the sum of less than one dollar a year and that would show they actually want the Iraqi government to pay for the continuous occupation of their land, before the Americans used to pay for their forces to stay in Iraq.
Al Sabaah speaks with an unnamed Iraqi government source who feels that there will be "long negotiations" and that then Iraq will keep the US military in Iraq as "trainers." MP Zuhair Araji goes on the record for the paper and states his belief that Iraq needs "trainers" and that this "need must be recognized" and states that Iraq lacks experience with protecting and patrolling the airspace, with radar equpiment and that the Iraqi Navy also needs addition help. He calls 20,000 US forces remaining too many and unreasonable. While so many US outlets ignore what's taking place (now publicly taking place), the Philadelphia Inquirer runs Patrick Kestra's "Iraq war hasn't faded as an issue for everyone:"
When was the last time you spared a thought -- any thought, good or ill -- for the war in Iraq?
It isn't actually over, the war, though it is easy to forget that, given the paucity of U.S. news coverage. Insurgents struck three Iraqi cities only yesterday, killing at least 60 in what analysts think was an attempt to ratchet up the terror level as the U.S. and Iraqi governments discuss a continued American presence in the country past 2011.
That's right: Odds are that U.S. troops will still be in Iraq in 2012, two years after the ballyhooed 2010 withdrawal of the last combat brigade.
And yet, for most of us, the Iraq war is so 2004.

The Voice of Russia (link is audio) offers an analysis from a retired Lt Gen of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Services.
Lt Gen Gennady Yevstafyev: Sunnis want Americans to get out completely because they could recover their influence in the country. Shiah groups, including the group of the present Prime Minister Maliki, are so dependent on the American military presence that they would be very much interested to retain it as long as possible. Each side is trying to play its strong card and I am afraid the card which is played involves all this explosions.
Dan Murphy (Christian Science Monitor) observes, "What's needed is for Maliki and his allies to find a political answer to the still significant numbers of Iraqis who feel the country's current order is hostile to them. That's an answer that Iraq – and the US, with spending of nearly $800 billion the conflict so far and the loss of more than 4,000 soldiers' lives – has been groping toward for almost a decade now."

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