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Why the need for the smokescreen?






The April 30th election results are known. or are they?

Reuters reports, "Preliminary results on Monday showed Maliki won at least 94 seats, far more than his two main Shi'ite rivals, the movement of Muqtada Sadr, which picked up 28 seats, and the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), which won 29 seats."  Press TV reports, "Results released by Iraq's Independent High Electoral Commission on Monday showed that the premier’s State of Law alliance garnered 92 out of 328 parliamentary seats. Maliki’s bloc won 30 seats in the capital Baghdad alone and won the first spot in 10 out of 18 provinces overall, while his main rivals are said to have gained between 19 and 29 seats in total." Sinan Salaheddin and Sameer N. Yacoub (AP) reports 92 as well and point out, "He will still need to approach other parties to piece together a broader majority coalition to get the first crack at forming a government as violence rages and instability grows."  Duraid Adnan and Tim Arango (New York Times) point out that these are "initial results -- still subject to challenges from various political parties" while stating Nouri won 93 seats.

They also note Saleh al-Mutlaq call for the United Nations and other international bodies to launch an investigation into election irregularities.  National Iraqi News Agency reports:

Spokesman for the Citizen Coalition, Baligh Abu Kalal confirmed on Monday that the coalition has recordings of fraud acts and breaking the locks of ballot boxes and what preceded that as the distribution of lands and the use of public money.

92 or 93 or 94 seats, it's not a winner.  Nor are Nouri's votes -- he ran for Parliament the same as everyone else -- particularly impressive.

The rush to praise him for basically standing still (State of Law got 89 seats in the 2010 elections) is rather surprising since the goal ahead of the elections for other Shi'ite parties was to break up into smaller groupings because it was felt that the 2010 elections benefited smaller political blocs.  He managed to prevent much of Anbar from voting.  Disqualifying cities such as Falluja from voting is preventing Anbar from voting.  This was not free and fair elections.  At one point, the US government was publicly insisting that if elections did not take place everywhere then the election would not be free and fair.  But that assertion disappeared as parts of Anbar were prevented from voting.  In many ways, Nouri's thuggish manner was on display in 2013 when he sought to punish Anbar Province and Nineveh Province by refusing to allow them to vote in March 2013 provincial elections.

The White House has privately claimed that it was only their efforts and those of the State Dept which allowed Anbar and Nineveh to finally vote in June 2013.

Apparently, the concern was never over the Iraqi people -- the US government's concern.  It was only over being embarrassed publicly by their proxy and puppet Nouri al-Maliki.  That's why the farce of letting sections of Anbar -- a highly populated and Sunni dominated province -- vote went over so well with hypocrites such as US President Barack Obama.

UNAMI issued the following today (yes, today -- they wrongly put "19 April" on it):

SRSG Welcomes the Announcement of the Preliminary Results of the Parliamentary Elections, Calls for Complaints to be Resolved through Legal Channels         

Baghdad, 19 April – The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq (SRSG), Mr. Nickolay Mladenov, welcomed the announcement by the Independent High Electoral Commission of the preliminary results of the Council of Representatives elections held on 30 April 2014.

“As the people of Iraq have now spoken, I call upon all elected representatives to work together for the future of Iraq”, he said.
He reiterated his appreciation of the work done by the Independent High Electoral Commission and recalled that all potential complaints and disputes should be addressed through the established legal mechanisms in a fair and transparent manner and without undue political pressure. 
Mr. Mladenov reaffirmed the United Nations’ readiness to continue working closely with the newly elected Members of Parliament in pursuing the necessary reforms aimed at further enhancing the democratic process and addressing the country’s priorities.

Ban Ki-moon is the United Nations Secretary-General.  His office issued the following:

The Secretary-General welcomes the announcement of the preliminary results of the Council of Representatives election in Iraq of 30 April 2014. He looks forward to the certification of the final results after all procedures have been completed, including the adjudication of possible appeals. The Secretary-General urges all political parties to engage constructively and in a timely manner in the process of government formation.
The Secretary-General is concerned about the security situation in Anbar province and urges the government of Iraq to ensure that military operations against terrorism are conducted in accordance with Iraq’s international and constitutional human rights obligations.

The Secretary-General condemns the deliberate flooding of the Abu Ghraib area and urges all sides to refrain from actions that result in displacement of populations or cause environmental disasters. He reiterates his appeal regarding the need to address the humanitarian needs of the hundreds of thousands of people affected by the ongoing fighting in Anbar Province.

Press liars are hailing Nouri as a winner.  This wasn't a win.  He stated his plan for an I-rule-alone government and not a power-sharing one.  By that goal, he lost.  He didn't get the votes necessary for that.  He doesn't even have enough MPs currently to be named prime minister-designate.

He barely improved on his 2010 standing -- despite all the fraud, the refusal to let some areas vote, the refusal on April 30th to open the polls in areas where he was expected to perform poorly -- instead his military sent people away.  And the polls there remained closed for half a day, only opening after noon.

He rigged the elections and he still came up short.  And that's not even factoring in that the results could change.  Or that one outlet says he got 92 seats in Parliament, another says 93 and another says 94 -- great job, 'Independent' High Electoral Commission in announcing the votes.

The custom now is to form a group -- the Constitution was tossed aside long ago -- so now the move will be to try to form groupings and blocs.  The one with the most seats in Parliament is supposed to have a member named prime minister-designate and then that person has 30 days to form a Cabinet.  That means nominating people and getting Parliament to vote for them.

Press liars love to lie for Nouri.  So when he fails to form a Cabinet, they lie and say the Constitution says nothing about a full Cabinet.  That's because it's obvious to any fool -- even those with press passes.  You move from prime minister-designate to prime minister solely by forming a Cabinet.  This is the sole test.  If you can do that, you're up to the leadership aspect.

If you can't do that, the President of Iraq names another person prime minister-designate.

A partial Cabinet is not meeting the requirement.

But that's the Constitution and the reality is that the United States picks Iraq's prime minister.

That's not written into the Iraqi Constitution.

But it's what they did in 2006 when the Bully Boy Bush administration refused to allow the Parliament to name Ibrahim al-Jafaari prime minister.  BBB insisted on Nouri al-Maliki.

In 2010, there was no way to give Nouri a second term.  Not constitutionally.

So Barack Obama's administration came up with a legal contract, The Erbil Agreement, to give Nouri a second term.

Barack spit on democracy and pissed on the Iraqi people with that one.

Despite voting in March 2010, the determination of who would be prime minister would come via a backroom contract -- brokered by the US -- that would give Nouri a second term.

It condemned Iraq.  Not just because it put Nouri in charge but also because Barack broke his word.  After his envoys insisted the contract had the full support and weight of the US government behind it (and Barack made that  promise to Ayad Allawi over the phone -- personally made it), the White House looked the other way as Nouri refused to honor his promises in the contract.

The contract didn't just say, "Nouri gets a second term as prime minister."

To get that, Nouri had to make promises to the various political blocs.  And he used the contract to get a second term and then refused to honor it, has his attorney declare it was illegal and the US government, Barack Obama, stabbed the Kurds in the back, stabbed Iraqiya in the back, stabbed the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq in the back, stabbed Iraqi Christians in the back . . .

You only believe Barack keeps his word if you're a partisan whore.

And it's disgusting to see those people lie about all the great things Barack's done in Iraq.

He's destroyed the country.

Not by pulling out.  (All US forces never left.)  But by backing a known thug who was known to run secret prison and torture chambers.  That's who Barack hopped into bed with in 2010.  Shame on him.

All of Iraq's current political crises stem from The Erbil Agreement and Nouri's refusal to honor the legal promises he made in that contract.

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