Saturday, March 18, 2006

About the fighters: Russ Feingold, Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez

On Tuesday, Kathleen Callon left a comment and I wasn't able to read it (or my site) Thursday when I blogged last. To make sure everyone sees it, here is her comment:

If you want Senator Feingold to run for President in 2008, please, come over to and sign the petition.
Thanks for your time.

Thank you for your comment, Kathleen.

And thanks to C.I. for highlighting my Thursday post to make sure everyone saw it since Thursday and Friday, they couldn't see it. (That was some issue with Blogger. People coming to the blog were greeted with a message of "Forbidden.")

Picking up on Feingold, I'll note that if the primary elections were held today, with who is supposed to be running, I'd be voting for Feingold. He's the only one in the Senate that's stood up. Joe Biden? Do we really want to hear his State of the Union speech? It might take up his entire first term the way he goes on. Hillary Clinton? Do we want someone who can't figure out where they stand? Three years after the war began and she still can't speak out. That's who we want as a president? She'll need a second term just to figure out what she should do in her first term. Evan Blah? (I love Rebecca's nickname for him.) Does the country need to be made sick in its stomach for four years?

Feingold's the only one who stands up.

I'd noted before that I wasn't very fond of Obama and felt he was overly praised. I'd said I'd criticize him when I felt it was deserved. This week, he could have stood up. He's not facing an election. He was elected to the Senate in 2004. So why didn't he support Feingold's censure?

That's all Feingold was trying for, a censure. He wasn't attempting to impeach. (I'm for impeachment.) And you saw cowards who couldn't get behind something that basic. Those cowards don't deserve anyone's vote.

Obama ran as an anti-war candidate. Then he lost interest. Now he's basically a DLC candidate.
As the only African-American senator he needs to be speaking out. But he stays silent. He's not doing anything except filling a seat. That doesn't cut it.

He's one more slave toiling on the plantation these days, asking White master what he can and what he can't do. It's sickening.

But he lost his voice before he won the election. If you saw the DNC convention, you know that he suddenly stopped being the anti-war candidate and became "Bill Cosby, professional scold."
He's a huge disappointment. He could stand but instead wants to crawl (and kiss the feet of establishment, White Dems).

Because he's "Black," a lot of people praised his awful speech. Maybe it was a surprise to them that African-Americans can speak without saying "yo" or "you know" over and over? Maybe the only time they see us is when we show up at the Grammys and the American Music Awards to claim a trophy. Word.

Is that it? He lectured the nation. He scolded it. He didn't take on the programs that hold us back but pushed it onto "personal responsibility" as if people say, "I think I'll live in poverty." That's not reality.

Maybe the cheering of his awful speech came from the fact that it let a lot of people off? His whole message was: It's your own personal problem.

That's probably a safe message for people who don't want government to serve the people and don't want to face up to discrimination.

Obama's a joke and he's made himself a joke. White gasbags can prop him up but the only one who can save Obama is Obama. There's some real personal responsibility, some he hasn't spoken of. He needs to take personal responsibility for his actions, his votes and his cowardice.

Me, I'm still waiting for the Senate to get a Black man in my lifetime. Maybe Russ Feingold is it?

Go read C.I.'s "And the war drags on (Indymedia Roundup)" and wonder how anyone can stay silent after three years? And if you want to see two real reporters, they do exist, listen or watch
"New York Times Chief Military Correspondent Michael Gordon Defends Pre-War Reporting on WMDs." Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez are the real deal. Read Kat's "Amy Goodman grills Gordon; Cockburn and Christian Parenti on RadioNation with Laura Flanders" and C.I.'s "NYT: Can't own up to mistakes, be it the paper or Michael Gordon." Plus, Trina's got a new recipe:
"Charro Beans in the Kitchen." Check it out.

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