Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The House Slave Gets Applauded By The New York Times

Proof positive that Barack Obama is both a sell out and too White came Sunday in the New York Times when Anne E. Kornblut penned "But Will They Love Him Tomorrow?" Outside of DC, there's not many people high on Obama.

In it, Kornblut writes that Obama has "One admitted speck: a smoking habit that he is working to break, and a past experimentation with drugs." Well is that two "specks"?

Myself, I don't know a lot of people that would equate smoking cigarettes with a drug habit, but maybe it's a White thang?

The piece of nonsense Kornblut wrote is a press thang.

Obama's not a "golden boy" to anyone not on a deadline to churn out some crap for a Sunday paper. He had an easy race after his only real opponent dropped out when it was revealed he forced his ex-wife to go to 'sex clubs' with him. After that, there was never a real opponent.
And that's about the time that Obama stopped speaking out against the illegal war. Before that, when he had a real race in front of him, he would say the war had to be brought to an end. Now days, he's silent.

He doesn't stand up for Feingold's censure motion and maybe that's why the New York Times wants to call him a "golden boy" -- they like their house slaves, like to reward them with a little praise.

Unlike Obama, Coretta Scott King was no house slave and that's why the paper of record didn't write an editorial or run an op-ed on her passing. She was to Black for the paper of record, too vocal.

A little nothing like Obama, who has consistently demonstrated that he will challenge nothing and offend no one, is the perfect house slave for the paper of record. But he's kidding himself if he thinks that will make him electable for president. It won't.

And what's the deal with the New York Times quoting Doris Kearns Goodwin? No one should but especially not the Times after their problems when Jayson Blair passed off other people's writing as his own. Or maybe there's a different standards for "historians"? Or maybe it comes down to the fact, as it usually does, that Doris Kearns Goowdin is White. That probably gives her a pass.

Sunday, as the illegal war got ready for year four, the paper of record praised Obama. Anyone else notice that he long ago lost his voice on the war? Think it's a coincidence that the paper chooses that time to praise him?

Me neither.

Read C.I.'s "And the war drags on. . ." and Rebecca's "bully boy thinks war is funny, do you?" and be glad that some people never lose their strong voices.

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