Sunday, November 17, 2019

Eye to Eye


NO SNARK FOR ALYSSA THIS WEEK as we both work to call out rape apologist Deval Patrick.

Deval Patrick declared that his ex brother-in-law did not need to register as a sex offender in MA because he was convicted (in CA) of “spousal rape” instead of “rape.” And he fired two women who intervened in the state system who tried to change it.


In the US, the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination continues.  Rape enabler Deval Patrick has entered the ring.  SLATE's Jim Newell offers:

Deval Patrick
If only theories mattered.
Unlike certain would-be candidates considering entrances into the race whose names rhyme with Doomberg and Pillory, the former Massachusetts governor can, at least, draw up a plausible theory on paper for his newly launched candidacy. The field still lacks a formidable center-left consensus candidate who can bridge the party from Joe Biden on one end and Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders on the other. Pete Buttigieg is trying to do it, but his base is too lily-white to break out after New Hampshire. Patrick—who, like Buttigieg, is trying to push against both the center and the left in his early messaging—would, in theory, have some purchase in New Hampshire, given his history as governor of the neighboring state to which many Granite Staters commute, and, in theory, translate that into a strong finish in South Carolina, where he could, again in theory, have a relative advantage as a black American. Aren’t these neat theories? Can’t you see how an unemployed consultant needing a paycheck might excitably pitch it to Patrick? How wealthy donors, in a lather about Elizabeth Warren, might be taken with it? It’s so neat, so consultant-driven, and so pitchable to dumb donors that the Surge is comfortable predicting that Patrick is doomed to go absolutely nowhere. To wit.

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How is No One in the lame stream media talking about this!?

Deval Patrick fired leaders of the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry in 2014 for trying to register Patrick’s brother in-law for a 1993 California rape conviction.

My goodness. No no and no again. This is a dealbreaker for me. Deval Patrick's former brother-in-law gets prison time in rape, kidnapping

In 2014, Deval Patrick fired the head of the state’s Sex Offender Registry Board because she questioned why Patrick’s brother in law wasn’t required to register for a 1993 spousal rape conviction.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick’s Ex-Brother-In-Law Gets Prison For Rape

So Deval Patrick fired some ppl to protect his brother-in-law, who went on to rape (another) woman in 2019.

And Mike Bloomberg said some nasty s**t about women.

Bernie Sanders must be *REALLY* surging in Dems' internal numbers for them to run these two losers. Chrissakes. 😎

Replying to 

In 2014 Deval Patrick fired leaders of his state's Sex Offender Registry for trying to force his brother in law to register due to being convicted of rape in California in 1993.

In 2019, that same rapist was sentenced to 6 years for another rape....

Replying to 

In 2014 Deval Patrick fired leaders of his state's Sex Offender Registry for trying to force his brother in law to register due to being convicted of rape in California in 1993.

In 2019, that same rapist was sentenced to 6 years for another rape....

Dear Kamala Harris,

You didn't hear this from me but the word on the street Deval Patrick protects sexual predators, please prosecute that ass for me.


Rape and Molestation survivor

Deval Patrick, when is rape a family matter?  Your BIL raped your sister not once but twice.  You demoted a whistleblower because he wanted to register him as a sex offender.  If you do that what would you do as president?

For those confused by "family matter,'' refer to this HEAVY article and how the response by Deval's campaign was to insist this was a family matter and the children!!!! the poor children!!!! They never knew and now they did wah!!! Wah!!!! Wah!!!!

If you're convicted of a crime -- and, yes, rape is a crime, don't whine that your children found out about it because of the press.  You were convicted of a crime.  That was a public case.  Maybe you talk to your children about it.  But you don't whine, "They reported on my being convicted!!!! Oh the babies, the poor little babies!!!"

Grow the hell up.

And we don't need a rape enabler, a rape apologist, running for the White House.  Any person even aware of optics would be insisting Deval drop out.  That months after this rapist brother-in-law was sentenced Deval is thinking of running speaks of something far worse than mere arrogance.

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