Saturday, March 18, 2006

About the fighters: Russ Feingold, Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez

On Tuesday, Kathleen Callon left a comment and I wasn't able to read it (or my site) Thursday when I blogged last. To make sure everyone sees it, here is her comment:

If you want Senator Feingold to run for President in 2008, please, come over to and sign the petition.
Thanks for your time.

Thank you for your comment, Kathleen.

And thanks to C.I. for highlighting my Thursday post to make sure everyone saw it since Thursday and Friday, they couldn't see it. (That was some issue with Blogger. People coming to the blog were greeted with a message of "Forbidden.")

Picking up on Feingold, I'll note that if the primary elections were held today, with who is supposed to be running, I'd be voting for Feingold. He's the only one in the Senate that's stood up. Joe Biden? Do we really want to hear his State of the Union speech? It might take up his entire first term the way he goes on. Hillary Clinton? Do we want someone who can't figure out where they stand? Three years after the war began and she still can't speak out. That's who we want as a president? She'll need a second term just to figure out what she should do in her first term. Evan Blah? (I love Rebecca's nickname for him.) Does the country need to be made sick in its stomach for four years?

Feingold's the only one who stands up.

I'd noted before that I wasn't very fond of Obama and felt he was overly praised. I'd said I'd criticize him when I felt it was deserved. This week, he could have stood up. He's not facing an election. He was elected to the Senate in 2004. So why didn't he support Feingold's censure?

That's all Feingold was trying for, a censure. He wasn't attempting to impeach. (I'm for impeachment.) And you saw cowards who couldn't get behind something that basic. Those cowards don't deserve anyone's vote.

Obama ran as an anti-war candidate. Then he lost interest. Now he's basically a DLC candidate.
As the only African-American senator he needs to be speaking out. But he stays silent. He's not doing anything except filling a seat. That doesn't cut it.

He's one more slave toiling on the plantation these days, asking White master what he can and what he can't do. It's sickening.

But he lost his voice before he won the election. If you saw the DNC convention, you know that he suddenly stopped being the anti-war candidate and became "Bill Cosby, professional scold."
He's a huge disappointment. He could stand but instead wants to crawl (and kiss the feet of establishment, White Dems).

Because he's "Black," a lot of people praised his awful speech. Maybe it was a surprise to them that African-Americans can speak without saying "yo" or "you know" over and over? Maybe the only time they see us is when we show up at the Grammys and the American Music Awards to claim a trophy. Word.

Is that it? He lectured the nation. He scolded it. He didn't take on the programs that hold us back but pushed it onto "personal responsibility" as if people say, "I think I'll live in poverty." That's not reality.

Maybe the cheering of his awful speech came from the fact that it let a lot of people off? His whole message was: It's your own personal problem.

That's probably a safe message for people who don't want government to serve the people and don't want to face up to discrimination.

Obama's a joke and he's made himself a joke. White gasbags can prop him up but the only one who can save Obama is Obama. There's some real personal responsibility, some he hasn't spoken of. He needs to take personal responsibility for his actions, his votes and his cowardice.

Me, I'm still waiting for the Senate to get a Black man in my lifetime. Maybe Russ Feingold is it?

Go read C.I.'s "And the war drags on (Indymedia Roundup)" and wonder how anyone can stay silent after three years? And if you want to see two real reporters, they do exist, listen or watch
"New York Times Chief Military Correspondent Michael Gordon Defends Pre-War Reporting on WMDs." Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez are the real deal. Read Kat's "Amy Goodman grills Gordon; Cockburn and Christian Parenti on RadioNation with Laura Flanders" and C.I.'s "NYT: Can't own up to mistakes, be it the paper or Michael Gordon." Plus, Trina's got a new recipe:
"Charro Beans in the Kitchen." Check it out.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Russ Feingold and the Dems

Go to the comments from Tuesday. There's a link someone left to a thing where you can show support for Russ Feingold. So check that out. My plan was to highlight it here. But I can't read my site right now and you can't either.

Try to and you get this message:

Blog under maintenance
This blog is temporarily not viewable.

Friday, I'll try to highlight the comment that was left. I believe it was by a woman but I'm not sure. I saw it this morning at work and it's a link that you have to copy and paste. If you don't know how that works, take your mouse, right click over the link address to highlight it, after it's highlighted, take your finger off the right click, then left click and choose "copy." From there, go up to the top of your web page where "address" is, delete the address shown and then left click and choose "paste." That'll put the address in the address bar and you can just click on "GO" or hit the "enter" key.

Most people probably know how to do that but I know everyone doesn't because Three Cool Old Guys were asking me about that Sunday and I showed them what to do.

Rebecca wrote a must read "you don't need a pollster to know which way the wind blows" about how Democrats stabbed Russ Feingold in the back.

Feingold Criticizes Fellow Dems Bush Measure (Democracy Now!):
Here in the United States, Senator Russ Feingold has lashed out at fellow Democrats for not supporting his measure to censure President Bush for his warrantless domestic spy program. Feingold has failed to attract any co-sponsors. Appearing on Fox News, Feingold said: "I'm amazed at Democrats, cowering with this president's numbers so low. The administration just has to raise the specter of the war and the Democrats run and hide. … Too many Democrats are going to do the same thing they did in 2000 and 2004.… [Democrats shouldn't] cower to the argument, that whatever you do, if you question the administration, you're helping the terrorists."

And because the Hillarys and Bidens and Liebermans stabbed him in the back, the Republicans are trying to play this as "Now we're going to win in 2006!" In the New York Times, that nonsense was treated as fact in an article called "Call for Censure Is Rallying Cry To Bush's Base." C.I. addresses it in "NYT: It's only news when Republicans issue statements" but why does C.I. have to address it? Because big media sucks. Because they had no interest in reporting on the impeachment in the New York Times and no real interest in the censure until they had Republicans crowing, "It's a win for us!"

If the Dems couldn't get behind a censure, how are we supposed to believe that they'll support an impeachment? And if they can't impeach over an illegal war, over warrantless spying, what can they do?

News flash for the Times, in an election year, anything that happens will be a 'rallying cry.'

That's what C.I. wrote and it's true. And it's why the Dems lose. They refuse to do anything. If they do something, it might give the other side ammo. So they do nothing. Over and over.

I'm really getting tired of the do-nothing Dems. There are ones that will stand up. Russ Feingold did. And John Conyers will and Maxine Waters and Barbara Lee. There really are some who will stand up. But most of them are scared little cowards, cowering in the shadows.

And then they wonder why they're seen the way they are.

It's an election year and their strategy seems to be don't say anything, don't do anything. We're in the lead because Bully Boy has screwed up so we're going to win.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are running, they're trying to win. When they pass the Democrats who are standing still, the Dems won't even notice.

It happened in 2004. They attacked John Kerry all during the GOP convention and the people on Kerry's campaign just sat around and watched it.

Like they were thinking, "We have a lead, we don't have to worry."

They do have to worry. They have to worry about doing nothing.

They let all the stupid worries stop them from doing anything.

Democrats support abortion. You can play with that all you want and run all the Repubes in Dem's clothing you want, but Democrats support abortion. Stop running from what you are.

Democrats support Bully Boy paying for his illegal spying and illegal war.

They're doing the same thing they always do. Stand around and do nothing because they're sure they'll win that way. And when they lose, they'll scratch their heads and blame everything but themselves.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Get active

Late Saturday night, early Sunday morning, we wrote this "Editorial: Hey Bully Boy, what's that smell?" We is:

The Third Estate Sunday Review's Dona, Jess, Ty, Ava and Jim;
Rebecca of Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude;
Betty of Thomas Friedman Is a Great Man;
C.I. of The Common Ills and The Third Estate Sunday Review;
Kat of Kat's Korner (of The Common Ills);
Cedric of Cedric's Big Mix;
Mike of Mikey Likes It!;
Elaine of Like Maria Said Paz;
and Wally of The Daily Jot

"Editorial: Hey Bully Boy, what's that smell?" was our argument that we could smell impeachment wafting off the Bully Boy. Later Sunday, after it posted, Russ Feingold called for a censure of the Bully Boy. Not as opposed to impeachment but to get it on the record that the Senate does not approve of the spying on American citizens without warrants, to get it on the record that the Constitution means something.

I thought when we working on the editorial that Bully Boy was in trouble and Feingold's call only makes it seem more so.

From Democracy Now!, here's what Feingold said on the floor of the Senate Monday:

Now, the facts are pretty straightforward. Congress passed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, known as FISA, nearly 30 years ago to ensure that as we wiretap suspected terrorists and spies, we also protect innocent Americans from unjustified government intrusion. Mr. President, FISA makes it a crime -- a crime -- to wiretap Americans on U.S. soil without the requisite warrants, and the President has ordered warrantless wiretaps of Americans on U.S. soil, so it’s pretty simple. The President has broken that law, and that alone is unacceptable.
But the President did much more than that. Not only did the President break the law, he also actively misled Congress and the American people about his actions. And then, when the program was made public about the legality of the N.S.A. program, he has fundamentally violated the trust of the American people. The President's own words showed just how seriously he has violated that trust. We now know that the N.S.A. wiretapping program began not long after September 11. Before the existence of this program was revealed, the President went out of his way -- he went out of his way, Mr. President -- in several speeches to assure the public that the government was getting court orders to wiretap Americans in the United States, something he now admits was not the case.
On April 20, 2004, for example, when the President told an audience in Buffalo that, quote, "Any time you hear the United States government talking about wiretaps, it requires a wiretap, requires a court order. Nothing has changed by the way," unquote. In fact, a lot had changed. But the President wasn't upfront with the American people. Just months later on July 14, 2004, in my own state of Wisconsin, the President said that, quote, "Any action that takes place by law enforcement requires a court order. In other words, the government can't move on wiretaps or roving wiretaps without getting a court order," unquote. And then, Mr. President, last summer, on June 9, 2005, the President spoke in Columbus, Ohio, and again insisted that his administration was abiding by the laws governing wiretaps: quote, "Law enforcement officers need a federal judge's permission to wiretap a foreign terrorist's phone, a federal judge's permission to track his calls, or a federal judge's permission to search his property. Officers must meet strict standards to use any of these tools, and these standards are fully consistent with the Constitution of the United States," unquote.

When you think something's wrong, you have to speak up. When someone breaks the law, you have to speak up. If you don't, you're helping them break the law. And if the Bully Boy isn't bound by the law then why are any of us?

That's pretty straightforward but Feingold's fellow Democrats in the Senate aren't rushing to get his back. There all basically scurrying off, shouting, "Holler!"

Hillary Clinton apparently wants to be president. Why? Where is her bravery? She can't speak out against the war. She can't even offer a "Russ Feingold is right!" So exactly where is the leadership? You want to be president, you want to be the leader of the country, well, why should we think you can handle the job?

If you can't lead as a Senator, why should we believe you can as President?

Same goes for Evan Blah (stealing Rebecca's nickname for the triangulator). There's this conventional wisdom that Hillary has us Black folk wrapped around her finger and we'll all be just as pleased as punch to vote for her. I don't know what world they're living in.

She's yet to demonstrate leadership. Until she does, she's useless.

That goes for anyone dreaming of being president in 2008. They better start showing some leadership. Right now, Al Gore and Russ Feingold are showing leadership. Everyone else is just living the DC ghetto life. They're useless. And they're crazy if they think people aren't following it. Or, for the conventional wisdom set, if they think Black people don't notice what's going on.

For that set, they need to realize that African-Americans were against the war before it started. We've stayed against it. So the idea that Hillary Clinton is a clean sweep is an idea coming from racists who think we're too stupid to follow current events.

We know exactly what she's done. We're not impressed. And if she can't find a voice on the war pretty quick, she can kiss goodbye any idea that African-Americans will support her run. She's got a severe case of "War Got Your Tongue?" and it's noted.

How about you? Are you suffering from it too? Or are you going to speak out and be heard on this third anniversary of the illegal war?

If you're thinking "Someone else can do it," then you're not doing your part. If you're thinking "I'd like to but someone might not like me," then you're a child posing as an adult. If you're thinking the media's going to do the job for you, you're living in a fantasy world. To wake up, read "The war coverage (and lack of it)."

This is the third anniversary. There's no excuse for not having an opinion or for not being able to use your voice. Think there's nothing going on in your area? Wrong. Here's a list of some CODEPINK events through Sunday:

Fredericksburg, Virginia: Three Years of the Iraq War
Friday, March 17th 2006 4:00 to 6:00 pm
Marking 3 years in the Iraq War, we will be standing roadside with signs detailing costs of the war to passersby

Oceanside, California: Iraqi Mother Seeks Your Help!
Friday, March 17th 2006 6:00PM
Iraqi Mother, Faiza Al-Araji, will meet with us to share her experiences with the destruction of her homeland by US forces. This reception is for a small group and will include time to meet and talk directly to Faiza.

Oceanside, California: Candidate's Reception for Iraqi Mother
Friday, March 17th 2006 12 NOON
Faiza Al-Araji arrives in North County and will be welcomed at a special "Candidate's Luncheon".

Oceanside, California: An Iraqi Mother Speaks Out!
Friday, March 17th 2006 7:00PM SHARP
Faiza Al-Araji, an Iraqi mother and peace emmisary, speaks about the US occupation of Iraq and how it is destroying their nation.

Boston, Massachusetts: March Against War, Racism, Sexism and Poverty
Saturday, March 18th 2006 11 AM
Dozens of community organizations are coming together against the war abroad and at home. Contact us at, and check our website calendar ( for more info and to join us!

Charlotte, , North Carolina: Charlotte NC St. Patrick's Day Parade
Saturday, March 18th 2006 11AM, with line up time TBA
CODEPINK of Charlotte-Mecklenburg is signed up to march in the 10th annual St. Patrick's Day parade in the heart of Charlotte on Saturday, March 18th. We expect to receive our line up location and number in the line up by Monday night, 3/13/06

Corvallis, Oregon: Peace March and Rally
Saturday, March 18th 2006 11:30 AM
United for Peace and other No More War in Iraq groups meet on South lawn of Covallis/Benton County Courthouse to march through streets of Covallis protesting WAR.

Davenport, Iowa: Peace Rally
Saturday, March 18th 2006 2:00 PM
Peace Rally marking the 3rd anniversary of the "Shock and Awe" Iraq War.Bring signs, banners, placards or anything you may deem appropiate for a Peace Rally.

Fort Collins, Colorado: Peace Rally
Saturday, March 18th 2006 1:00 pm
Death, Destruction and Defecits: it is time to change course

Indianapolis, Indiana: Peace Rally
Saturday, March 18th 2006 1 pm
Hoosiers for Peace Rally will mark the third year of anunjust war. Hoosiers will have an opportunity to contact theirrepresentatives, listen to distinguished speakers, hear inspirational music, and network with others who are against the war and interested in promoting peace. The rally will be family friendly and the focus will be on how families are affected by war i.e. loosing their loved ones, and aplea to representatives to reset budget priorities with the needs of the family in mind. The theme is Honor the Dead, Heal the Wounded, End the War.

Johnson City, Tennessee: Third Anniversary Demonstration of War in Iraq
Saturday, March 18th 2006 12:00 noon
The Joel Goodman for US Congress Campaign will be hosting a Third Anniversary Demonstration at the campaign headquarters.

Louisville, Kentucky: 3rd Anniversary of the Iraq War -2,300 + Empty Shirts Rally
Saturday, March 18th 2006 12 noon-3:00 PM
2,300 + Empty Shirts Demonstration against the Iraq War. Each shirt represents one fallen US soldier in Iraq War. Poignant and impressive.

Manassas, Virginia: Three Years of the Iraq War
Saturday, March 18th 2006 4:00 to 6:00 pm
Marking 3 years in the Iraq War, we will be standing roadside with signs detailing costs of the war to passersby

Melbourne, Florida: 3 Years too Many Demonstration!
Saturday, March 18th 2006 12:00 noon
Peace Activists & military families are marching From Front St. Park in Melbourne to Melbourne City Hall. We are carrying Mock Tombstones honoring Florida's Soldiers call 321-480-9295 for more info.

Minneapolis, Minnesota: International Protest Against the War
Saturday, March 18th 2006 1:00 PM
Protest and march.

New Haven, Connecticut: Connecticut Anti-War Mobilization: 3rd Anniversary of Iraq War
Saturday, March 18th 2006 11AM - 4PM
Starts at 11AM at Fair Haven Middle School, 164 Grand Ave. March to the New Haven Green for Rally with Speakers
March Demands:
BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW END THE OCCUPATION OF IRAQ! MONEY FOR RECONSTRUCTION OF THE GULF COAST, NOT WAR!-No war on Iran-World Nuclear Disarmament-Justice for the Palestinian People-No Attacks on Arab-Americans, Muslims & Immigrants - Civil Liberties for all

Oceanside, California: Get On The Peace Train
Saturday, March 18th 2006 11:30AM
Get on the Peace Train (NCTD Coaster, last 2 cars) in Oceanside at 11:30AM.

Prescott, Arizona: Prescott March 18th Rally for Peace
Saturday, March 18th 2006 6pm
Prescott March 18th Rally for Peace at the Courthouse square (Veteran's Memorial on Montezuma St.) Prescott AZ 86305

Redford, Michigan: Candlelight Vigil for Peace
Saturday, March 18th 2006 6:30 pm
Please join members of Trinity Church of the Brethren as we bear in memory the lives lost and suffering endured by Americans, Iraqis and other people of many nations since the beginning of the war in Iraq three years ago. Bring a candle and meet with us. If you are unable to be at the Vigil, please take some time to grieve in your own way for all these people.

Swarthmore, Pennsylvania: Three Years too Many
Saturday, March 18th 2006 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Join members of . . . Coalition for Peace Action A Delaware-Chester CountyandDelaware County Wage Peace & Justice as we vigil and become a Human Bill -Board against the War!

Alameda, California: LET THERE BE PEACE FOR ALL THE WORLD'S CHILDREN: Send their parents home to them alive and bring the National Guard home where it belongs!
Sunday, March 19th 2006 2:00-4:00pm
Peace march and vigil, rain or shine!Child-friendly event; bring the kids!

Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Three Years Too Many
Sunday, March 19th 2006 7 PM
candlelight vigil marking the third anniversary of the war in Iraq

Maplewood, New Jersey: March in Maplewood
Sunday, March 19th 2006 12 noon March and rally through Maplewood Town Center starting at noon to mark the second anniversary of the war.

Mountain Home, Arkansas: Peace Rally
Sunday, March 19th 2006 10:00 a.m.
CST Fellowship at the UU Church followed by peaceful demonstrations against the war in Iraq

parkersburg,wv, West Virginia: 3rd memorial
Sunday, March 19th 2006 1pm meeting on market st, downtown. speakers,march to cross the belpre bridge over into ohio

Portland, Oregon: March and Rally on the 3rd Anniversary of the invasion of Iraq
Sunday, March 19th 2006 1:30 pm
Peace rally and march planned for third anniversary of war on Iraq, calls for bringing the troops home and funding human services. Over 130 organizations mobilize for March 19 at Waterfront Park.

Santa Clarita, California: 3rd Anniversary of the invasion of Iraq ANTI WAR RALLY
Sunday, March 19th 2006 3:00 to 5:00 pm
ANTI WAR RALLY on the 3rd Anniversary of the invasion of Iraq
Sunday, March 19, 2006, 3 to 5 pm at the Westfield Town Center corner of McBean Parkway and Valencia Blvd. Bring your own sign or use ours.

Waco, Texas: War protest
Sunday, March 19th 2006 10 AM
Public demonstration in the heart of Bush country to call for "No more war! No more lies!"

Woodbridge, Virginia: Three Years of the Iraq War
Sunday, March 19th 2006 4:00 to 6:00 pm
Marking 3 years of the Iraq War, we will be standing roadside with signs detailing the costs of the war to passersby.