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We're starting again with Marianne Williamson who is seeking the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

From the discussion above, picking up from yesterday:

@Maebe_A_Girl:  Also, when you were talking about this idea that gay people are trying to 'groom' children, that is very offensive.

Marianne Williamson: Yeah.

@Maebe_A_Girl:  My daughter was born -- She has three gay men who are her godfathers and it never would have occurred to me in a million years that they would be anything other than fantastic godfathers to her. And they absolutely were.  One has now passed and the other two are very close to her and they couldn't have been better.  And they couldn't be better now as godfather figures in her life -- in her life and important.  What you said is so true and I've had a lot of involvement with the gay community -- mainly because of the AIDS crisis -- I've never felt that there was a 'reaching out.'  This is not a proselytizing group, it's kind of like, you do you. 

Marianne Williamson: And so why don't we do something and blame somebody?  Say, "Hey, let's actually look over there and let's talk about how these people are trying to infiltrate our way of life and try to attack our children."  It's such an easy, easy way to get people riled up -- is when you bring children into the matter because, of course, everyone wants to protect children.  LGBTQIA people want to protect children. And that's why we are so outspoken about these issues -- because we, LGBTQIA adults, were once LGBTQIA children and we remember what it was like to be ostracized, to be othered and to be made to feel that we are not worthy because our of our internal identities.  And so I think the whole thing is a huge distraction and there are so many things that we could talk about.  And the fact of the matter is what the GOP is saying that queer people are trying to do to kids is simply false. You know, there are studies.  There are no --  LGBTQIA people in general are no more likely than cis gender -- heterosexual people -- to be pedophiles, to be sexual assaulters.  But because of the fact that LGBTQIA people, a lot of it [what we are] revolves around our sexual identities and our gender identities, the GOP just easily distorts that into this idea of: "Oh, this is all about sex.  Why are you teaching our kids about sex?" And the thing is, I don't want to teach your kids about sex.  I don't even want to talk to your kids.  I just want your kids to know that they are safe and they are loved regardless of whether they are straight, gay, cisgender or transgender, whatever.  We want to create a society where everybody is welcomed and there is not this hierarchy of "Well I'm better than you because I'm straight, I'm better than you because I'm cis-gender."  And that has historically been the battle that queer people have had to fight. And so it's remarkable in many ways and I think that now is the time that we really have to be outspoken about these things in order to create a better life for the kids that are growing up right now.  I -- Again, I can't imagine what it's like to be a middle-schooler or a high-schooler right now, seeing that there are over half-a-thousand anti-LGBTQIA bills moving across the United States.   I don't know what that would do to my self-esteem as a teenager.  And it makes me really worried about -- about these kids.  I've never particularly thought of myself as a young person going into politics.  I got into politics out of necessity. And I started to look around and I started to realize things are changing and not necessarily for the better for particular communities and, in particular, the LGBTQIA community.  And my sort of a-ha moment, if you will, was the Trump election in late 2016.  When the Trump administration started in early 2017, I felt that I needed to -- I felt that I needed to use my platform as a drag performer and as a community figure to promote LGBTQIA rights and to promote our inclusion.  And so I started doing a lot of parodies of folks in the Trump administration.  I did a number of parodies -- you know, Betsy DeVos, Kellyanne Conway, Malania Trump.  And part of the reason that I continue to do this throughout the Trump administration was because I would do these performances which -- in my mind -- they were satirical performances but they were also educational to let you know what was happening.  You're being entertained but also you're learning that the administration is not necessarily -- Actually not even not necessarily but just flat out not on our side.  And I felt that it was really important to draw people in. I think a lot of people are turned off by -- just by the idea of politics.  It can seem really intimidating -- especially if you don't feel like you know everything about politics.  But here's the thing, everybody knows what they feel inside is right or wrong.

Marianne Williamson: Right.

@Maebe_A_Girl:  And this is absolutely in my mind what politics is all about.  I'm here, you know, standing before you having this conversation and I'm running for Congress because I need to let everybody know that I feel this is what I think is right or wrong and if you agree with me vote for me, if you don't agree with me, vote for somebody else.  But I want to live in a world where folks accept and tolerate everybody.  Tolerance?  I'm really starting to really dislike that word because I don't want to just be tolerated, I want to be fully integrated and celebrated, you know?

Marianne Williamson: It still implies judgement. 

@Maebe_A_Girl:  Like "Well, okay, alright, we'll let you in the room. We'll let you in the room but we're not going to let you have the microphone for very long."  And, here's the thing, Marianne, I host drag shows every single week.  I am best on the microphone.  Give me the microphone because I will tell you what I have to say.  And what I have to say is that we deserve -- we deserve  equity and inclusion.  And unfortunately, most of the parents that actually were in the room had kids in the Glendale school district and are in support of LGBTQIA inclusion.  The school board is in support of LGBTQIA inclusion.  And again, this is all age appropriate.  You know, the way that you talk to second graders.

Marianne Williamson: In a democracy, these are considered moderate positions.  What you were saying, though, I agree so much.  If people -- People are living so much on the edge.  People are living just to survive.  70% of Americans now report living with economic stress.  So I agree with everything you just said. 

And we're stopping there.  Yesterday, we noted the first half of the video and the plan was to note the rest.  I had some "[. . .]" in yesterday's and that wasn't me editing anyone, it was skipping.  I thought it might have been the connection but I've streamed it again and it's edits.  Which is fine, but it throws off the last two minutes of the video because there are jump cuts and it's harder to follow.

The full segment is now up at Marianne's YOUTUBE channel and we'll note that video.

So let's talk about what took place with that video: Marianne found her voice and found a reason to argue vote for her.

So many claims that this person (man usually -- Marianne and Republican Nikki Hayley are the only two women currently competing for a political party's presidential nomination) or that is strong.

But strength isn't being a bully which rules out all the GOP hopefuls except for Chris Christie.  Strength also isn't staying silent.  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is not exhibiting strength when he refuses to stand up for an attacked segment of our country.

It's a segment, yes.  And some can whine, "Such a small one!"  It really doesn't matter the size -- unless you're a size queen -- the issue is are you going to defend those wrongly attacked?

If you want our votes, we need to feel we can trust you, we need to feel if we were wrongly attacked, you would stand up for us.  That's how you show true strength.  You don't just chase a poll, you stand up and speak out for freedoms and democracy.  

If you can't do that, really what can you do?

Marianne also gets that this segment issue is nonsense.  We're not in the atomic age.  We've moved on.  But did we learn anything?  The atomic age was about discovering via splitting things and breaking them up and destroying them.

I see a lot of those types speaking right now and trying to convince you to support them.

Marianne is getting at the reality that it's not the end.  That is not the end.  If that's the end, everything is a broken toy.  The point of addressing the issues in this country is not to divide but to synthesize.  And we need to be able to address issues such as transphobia, such as racism . . .  The Mrs. Max Blumenthals don't get that you have to put it together, you have to pull it together to address any issue.  The Mrs. Max Blumenthals think addressing the war on LGBTQ+ Americans is pulling the focus -- honestly, what focus is there in the United States? -- and detracting from other issues.  No, it's not.  These are interrelated issues.  How we look at one another is directly related to how we look at others.  When we let hate merchants divides us as Americans through othering, we set the trap for them doing the same with foreign countries.  

Marianne is turning her campaign around.  She's showing that she understands how complex and interrelated this all is.  

That's bravery and that's inspiring.

Applause for Marianne.

Normally that's where we stop in the discussion.  Not this time.

Now we're going to talk about the fake asses and how they try to deceive and pretend and all their fakery.  On Twitter, this is the most streamed video that Marianne has posted to Twitter.  It also has reactions.  A lot.  Many are positive and that's great.  But we're going to focus on the negative reactions because I don't like liars and liars have been using the internet for hate campaigns and getting away with it.  Let's review the 'people' leaving negative feedback to Marianne's discussion.

Serious Joint Avatar is just a transphobe and that's all we need to know there. 

@ladywhateve will not support Marianne now because of this video, she insists.  Liar.  You were never supporting her.  You support Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and have done so for weeks.  It's not that hard to find out what you've been writing about online. You're a liar who left a comment trying to make it appear that you were with Marianne or on the fence but then this video! Liar, you have Robert as your background on Twitter.  Lying trash.  You're trying to Bud-Light Marianne.

vic proulx takes time out from his conspiracy theories to insist Marianne is wasting time with this issue.  Well don't waste your time, vic, I'm sure there's some solar flare somewhere turning people into transmutants with super powers and we all so need your expertise on that. P.S. you're a Robert F. Kennedy Jr. supporter and never planned on voting for Marianne -- go away, liar.

HLY SPRT took time away from doing racist Tweets to lament that this isn't a "kitchen table issue."  Clearly, judging by other Tweets, you're another Robert supporter and I hope you are joking with your fears that the government will chemically castrate White people, I hope you're not that racist and that much of a KKK freak.  It may be time for the media to start reporting on the mindset of Robert's supporters.

zombywoof is a Tim Pool freak (right-winger) who is bothered that only a small percent of the population in the US is trans.  And only a small portion is on death row.  The most recent estimate is 2750.  So I guess that means we stop working on that issue as well?  Idiot.

Emma M Tenorio tells Marianne that she just lost her vote -- she's got to protect her children.  Hope Emma plans to protect them from lies because, turns out, Marianne didn't lose Emma's vote, she didn't have it.  Emma's another crazy for Robert and the crazies do him no good.  

KanefireX, community members may remember, was a racist in the '00s and has now resurfaced on Twitter where he still is but is a racist but also now a Michael Tracey fan.  He wants Marianne to know that transgender is all a Marxist ploy.  Thanks for taking time away from bleaching your white sheets to share that, Kanefire X.

PoppingWeasels wants a refund on his 2020 donation.  For what she did this week.  Doesn't work that way but good thing you got behind RFK Jr, right?  Three weeks ago, wassn't it?  Not planning to vote for her but wants people to think this interview sent him reeling.  Liar.

Please grasp, this is what these con artists do.  They pretend they're customers of Target, for example, and are never ever going to Target again because of a Pride display.  They're liars.  By the way, Emma above also wants everyone to go to Target and f**k things up because of the Pride display.  She loves Robert.  Robert, I'm seriously worried about the sick f**ks you are attracting.

DoNotDivideUs is anti-trans as his account listed makes clear and so does the other account from which he posted another outcry Tweet about Marianne interviewing a transgender person.  

Again, we focused on the crazies.  They've been around for sometime.  Liars online who are part of an organized attack machine.  They didn't always attack.  The first time the media ever encountered them was in 2008 when THE NEW YORK TIMES took forever to grasp that the "thousands" of Barack Obama supporters were actually about 150.  It took the paper that long to notice it -- we noticed it right away.  Several of the multiple posters had trouble keeping their identities straight and would get confused as to what they had posted under which name.  (To their credit, a TIMES political reporter did e-mail to say "you were right" when they figured out what was going on.)  It's astroturf and it pretends to be a movement.  They're doing it online right now with the attacks on THE LITTLE MERMAID and DISNEY+ (on those attacks, please read Stan's "Erin Johnson is a racist who writes for SCREEN RANT" and "THE LITTLE MERMAID has brought in twice as much money as what?").  They're trying to create the impression of a wave that's really not there for them.  It's a result of saps like Dana Milbank who saw the 2004 election as his own world of popularity and didn't grasp that he was on a mailing list that was being worked.  How dumb do you have to be?

Rachel Looker (USA TODAY) reports on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s campaign:

In Norristown, Kennedy condemned the “toxic polarization that is really destroying our country.” Like his father in the 1960s, he lauds a similar crusade, but is instead campaigning on his belief that leaders in the Democratic Party today amplify division and push lies.

The junior Kennedy has his family's name but lacks his ancestors' popularity and is perceived differently in the public eye −in part for pushing anti-vaccine views that are at odds with what government agencies and prominent public health experts say. More diseases, like measles, can occur in communities with pockets of unvaccinated people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

I've seen you buddy up to Tucker Carlson, Glenneth Greenwald and Matt Taibbi -- transphobes one and all.  Your niece telling me you're not a transphobe and that you do not hate LGBTQ+ people isn't enough.  You need to find your voice.  You've been more than willing to meet with any crazy in the world.  It's time for you to find the voice to defend the most targeted in the community.  You're the one invoking your father -- and you should -- but he wouldn't be silent when a minority population was targeted.  

Some of that, I would say, involves some private conversations.  I think if you appear on some public platforms with them, you offer them critiques -- and again I think you're capacity to do this is greater than folks like ours because of who you are.  But you can engage people in what you were term "loving critiques" on public platforms so that folks can be clear about what your position is as you try to show people and win people over to new positions without necessarily having a huge fight that's good for television but doesn't move people over to certain political positions. [. . .] But if you go to an event that's an event to boost them and you only praise them then of course they're your friend but again I think it diminishes your stature and who you are because it looks like to the rest of us who are seeing it that you're not offering critical love as you stated earlier about some of the organizations and people that you care for but instead it feels as if you're endorsing their platforms and who they are and their ideals 

That's Kamau Franklin offering some wise words to Cornel West (we'll include the video in a moment) that equally apply to Robert. 

Marianne's running a real campaign.  At present, Robert's not.  That is reality.  And. Robert, if your scared that all the crazies will fall away if you defend those in need of defending?  You really aren't your father's son.


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    Sunday, June 25, 2023

    Jill, at least, has a heart







    Harleigh Walker:  Thank you for the opportunity to tell you more about myself and what it is like to be a transgender person. My name is Harleigh; my pronouns are she/her; I’m 16 years old, and I am from Alabama. I’m hoping to be able to share with you what my journey has been like and to clear up some of the false information that I’ve heard come out of Congress and state legislatures, including the Alabama legislature. There has been so much misinformation shared around what it means to be a transgender person, and what healthcare looks like for transgender youth like me. Most of what I’ve been hearing is inaccurate at best, or just outright falsehoods and misrepresentations about the healthcare given to transgender youth by qualified medical professionals. The laws preventing people like me from having access to the health care that our doctors and parents agree is necessary to keep us healthy don’t keep us safe; they do the opposite. The horrible things we hear from legislators at the state and federal levels put us at greater risk because of bullying and dangerous harassment. Transgender people deserve to be able to pursue happiness - and I am happy.

    Growing up, I had a really great childhood, loving parents, a wonderful big brother, loving grandparents, and friends. As I grew, I just felt like something was different for me, and when I was between ten and eleven years old, I told my parents that I was transgender. No one pushed me to become transgender. No one suggested, forced, or influenced me to “choose” to be transgender. It is not a choice. I just knew that this is who I am.

    My parents did the absolute best they could to love and support me, and they took me to our pediatrician. He sat down with my parents and me and referred us to medical professionals in our state that could best treat me. He never once “pushed an agenda” onto me. Instead, he listened to me, his patient, and advised all of us on how I could get the best healthcare for my situation. I remember going on the first trip to the specialists - we were all so incredibly nervous - and the team of doctors we saw were incredible. It wasn’t a single doctor but a group of doctors who were there to help me in whatever way they could. One of the falsehoods I hear all the time out of those who would keep me from getting my healthcare is that these doctors pressure or rush you, and they pull you in and start filling you full of hormones, puberty blockers or wanting to surgeries - and I want to tell you that none of that happened. As a matter of fact, these doctors advised us that at no point would they talk about any surgeries on a minor; it wasn’t even something they would discuss. Instead they spent time getting to know me, understanding my specific case, getting to know my parents, and figuring out how to best care for me, personally, as a patient. Not only did they never push me, but instead, one of the things that stuck out as they talked to my parents and me was that if I ever decided to stop, or if this care wasn’t right for me, it was ok, and they would support me on that, too. This is the opposite of what I hear in the news or in the legislatures. It makes me wonder why legislatures think they should get to tell my parents and my doctors that I can’t get the care I need to be healthy and happy.
    I want you to understand something really important. I want all of you to look at me, here and now, and hear my words. I am a VERY happy 16-year-old. I have wonderful friends who accept me fully for who I am. I’m active in my school’s debate team and other extracurricular activities. I love to travel. I enjoy concerts and music like Taylor Swift, and listening to my record collection way too loud in my room. I get As in school and I'm looking forward to college. I am not miserable in my life, I’m not depressed. I’m just trying to be a teenager in America. Same as any other teen, but I keep having to jump through hoops that other people my age don’t have to. I have had to spend spring break lobbying for my right to exist while my friends are on vacation. I’m here in front of this Committee instead of enjoying summer vacation, just to try and ensure that my right to exist isn’t taken away.
    I also hear so many lawmakers saying they are writing and passing these laws to protect kids, yet, in my home state, when these laws were being proposed, not one lawmaker was willing to sit down with my dad or me to talk through it, so that we could better explain what this looked like, what it meant to us. From our State Senate, House of Representatives and even our Governor, we begged and pleaded for an audience - but those writing these laws absolutely refused to meet with us. Instead, these lawmakers pushed rhetoric and laws that weren’t true and were unfounded, including that transgender people are being “groomed” by our parents, which is nonsense!. In support of these laws my Governor has decided to say horrible things about me and those like me in my state. I would love for you to imagine for a moment if these statements were made about you or your kids, how would this make you feel? What would you do to protect your kids from these harmful laws and statements? If you were me, would you want to stay in a state where the people who are supposed to make sure you have a safe place to live instead talk about you and your family this way? I live only a few miles from the best college in my state, but I can’t really even consider going there in this climate, because of the continued attacks against me.
    As I’m looking forward to college though, I have had to rethink where I might go. Alabama was one of the first states to ban my healthcare, but because of the new laws that have been passed in states across the nation blocking my ability to just be who I am, and because we don’t have the Equality Act to help protect me from discrimination,I’ve had to start looking at colleges very far away from where I was born and raised, away from family and friends. My parents say this breaks their heart; they can’t stand the thought of their kid being so far away from them where it would be tough for them to help me If I needed them.
    This type of discrimination, which will make me have to move where I live or work or go to school, is not designed to protect or help me. It is really designed to do two things: one, keep me from being who I am and being successful; and two, to use transgender people as scapegoats for increased political capital. I’m here today to tell anyone who would support that to look out; you will not stop me from being who I am or obtaining my goals, and I will not be used as a political pawn.
    I also want you to understand that discrimination makes me unsafe. This journey isn’t easy; as I first began my transition, there was an incredible amount of bullying in my middle school. So much so, that at one point my parents decided I needed to go to online school, not because I wanted to but because the bullying got so bad that it was getting close to physical violence, and the school refused to help. I hated online school - I love being around people, and I learn best in a school environment. The next year, I went back into my old school, and, though there was still bullying, we worked with the school to make sure they knew they couldn’t shrug their shoulders anymore. For me, it never escalated to physical violence but that was just lucky. Kids shouldn’t feel helpless at school against being bullied or discriminated against just because they are different - this is another way that The Equality Act could really help. Leaders in our state and country have the ability to help, but instead so many legislators have decided to promote bullying and discrimination.
    Despite all this, despite being called a demon, a monster, or other despicable things, I love my life, I love my family, I love my friends and I’m happy. I am asking for you to help us stop certain people from using the transgender community as a political pawn. Please stop attacking our lives for votes or money. These are our human rights hanging in the balance. Help us communicate that they are impacting people’s lives and our “pursuit of happiness.” We’re not people to be feared or villains. We are just like your kid, your neighbor, and you. We also deserve the ability to be happy.

    Harleigh Walker appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday for a hearing entitled "Protecting Pride: Defending the Civil Rights of LGBTQ+ Americans."

    That's what a 16-year-old girl had to say. This week.

    Transphobe Glenneth Greenwald avoided an actual trans voice.  But he did want you to know what Renee Richards now thinks.  I'm sorry, who gives a damn?  It's not 1976.  It's 2023.  Renee had the microphone for years and spoke to her day.  Her day is done.  You'd think Glenneth of all people would grasp how you age out.  He's also wanting you to know that long-retired Martina Navratilova doesn't approve of trans women playing tennis with non-trans women.  I care even less what Chris Everet says.  That would be Chris who didn't realize Dusty Springfield was a lesbian and made a point of telling Dusty that they really needed to get lesbians out of tennis.  Oh, Chrissie, between your ex Jimmy Connors outing you on the abortion and now we're addressing the issue of your homophobia, you really are destroying you own image.  

    For those who don't know, singer Dusty Springfield was a huge tennis fan.  She was also a lesbian.  She never respected Chrissie after that and would share that story with anyone who would listen.  She also went all in on cheering on Billie Jean King.  Chrissie's homophobia was well known and it's part of the reason that players like Billie Jean felt they had to stay in the closet.

    Sensing the possibility of media attention, Glenneth sets aside his widow weeds, pushes his two children out of the way and goes running for his close up.   To show the world that he's covered in s**t like any lying sack of s**t he reTweets:

    Dem witness: "There's been this news article about men that think they can beat Serena Williams in tennis. And it's just not the case. She is stronger than them." @Riley_Gaines_: "Both Serena and Venus lost to the 203rd ranked male tennis player."

    That's the first 'coverage' that I've read on the hearing.  When Riley lied at the hearing, I just shook my head.  I thought we all had brains and that the problem with that lie would be obvious.

    I don't claim to know sports.  I've got 101 real things to focus on.  But the Williams sisters?  I thought we all knew their story.  They aren't 'sports stars,' they're so huge they're just stars.  Their legend has gone far beyond sports fans.

    Again, I caught Riley's lie immediately in the hearing and thought -- since I'm not a sports fan -- that everyone else would as well.  

    But, no, idiots are spreading her lie.  'It's proof!'  It's proof that you're stupid and that Riley outsmarted you  with a lie.

    What's wrong with that 'fact'?

    Like most right-wing garbage, it takes a factual event and leaves out all the facts that would undermine the case hate merchants are trying to make if the actual story were told.

    Serena and Venus were adults?  No, they were children when this happened.

    Reality:  An adult male beat two teenage girls -- not women, girls. 

    I saw it, why didn't Glenneth?  So let's go to WIKIPEDIA because, as I remember the story, Serena as a teenager was not yet the great Serena that she became.  Oh, look, even sports idiot me got that correct:

    In 1995, just after turning 14, Williams planned to make her professional debut as a wild-card entry in the Bank of the West Classic in Oakland, California, but was denied by the WTA owing to their age-eligibility restrictions.[45] She subsequently filed an antitrust lawsuit against the women's tour, but withdrew it at her parents' request.[45] Her first professional event was in October 1995 at the Bell Challenge in Quebec,[44][46] where she used a wild-card entry to circumvent age-eligibility rules.[44] She lost in the first qualifying round to then 18-year-old American Annie Miller, winning just two games.[47]

    Williams did not play a tournament in 1996. The next year, she lost in the qualifying rounds of three tournaments,[48] before winning her first main-draw match in November at the Ameritech Cup Chicago.[49] Ranked No. 304, she upset No. 7 Mary Pierce, and No. 4 Monica Seles,[50][51] recording her first career wins over top 10 players and becoming the lowest-ranked player in the Open Era to defeat two top-10 opponents in one tournament.[1] She ultimately lost in the semifinals to No. 5 Lindsay Davenport.[52] She finished 1997 ranked No. 99.[53]

    Williams began 1998 at the Medibank International Sydney.[54] As a qualifier ranked No. 96,[55] she defeated No. 3 Davenport in the quarterfinals,[55] before losing to Arantxa Sánchez Vicario in the semifinals.[56] Williams made her debut in the main draw of a Grand Slam tournament at the Australian Open,[57] where she defeated sixth-seeded Irina SpĂ®rlea in the first round,[58] before losing to her sister, Venus, in the second round in the sisters' first professional match.[58][54] She reached six other quarterfinals during the year, but lost all of them,[59] including her first match against No. 1-ranked Martina Hingis at the Lipton International Players Championships in Key Biscayne,[60] and her second match against Venus at the Italian Open in Rome.[59] She failed to reach the quarterfinals of any Grand Slam tournament the remainder of the year,[citation needed] losing in the fourth round of the French Open to Arantxa Sánchez Vicario,[61] and the third round of the US Open to SpĂ®rlea.[62] She withdrew from Wimbledon two games into a match with Virginia Ruano Pascual, after straining a calf muscle during the first set.[63] She did win the mixed doubles titles at Wimbledon and the US Open with Max Mirnyi, completing the Williams family's sweep of the 1998 mixed doubles Grand Slam tournaments. She won her first professional title in doubles at the U.S. National Indoor Championships in Oklahoma City with Venus, becoming the third pair of sisters to win a WTA title.[1] They won two more doubles titles that year. Williams finished the year ranked No. 20 in singles.

    The year that Serena and Venus were both beaten in tennis by the same man?  1998.  They were not the champions they would become.  They were two 16-year-old girls just starting their tennis careers.  She  began that year ranked number 96.  

    Not quite the way Riley and Glenneth try to spin it. 

    Repeating, a 16-year-old girl went before Congress this week and told her story.

    Glenneth wasn't interested in that.  No.  He was interested in three elderly women (Chris, Martina and Renee) who really have no skin in the game, they're more likely to be found looking for plots at Forest Lawn Memorial Parks than setting foot on a court at Forest Hills.

    A 16-year-old had the guts to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee at a time when a war on transpeople is taking place and Glenneth ignores her to reTweet lies and offering the thoughts of, for example, an 88-year-old woman who really has no skin in the game and probably, let's be honest, very shaky cognitive knowledge of the world today.

    Yesterday, we covered the liars who appeared before the committee --Riley Gaines and Matt Sharp.  Today, we're covering the other three witnesses -- you know, people actually qualified to speak to what's going on today: Harleigh, the Human Rights Campaign's Kelley Robinson and pediatric endocrinologist Dr Ximena Lopez.

    Senator Dick Durbin is the Chair of the Committee.

    We've noted here repeatedly that FOX "NEWS" traffics in hate and that they run with freak show people to scare Americans.  That's especially true of their war on trans people.  As we've noted, they repeatedly bring on the White British man -- who lives in London -- to try to prove points regarding trans people.  The freak show is a White man who spent a fortune to look like an Asian man, he had his face redone to look like the K-Pop singer he was obsessed with.  That was long before he briefly decided he was trans.  The last time we mentioned that, FOX "NEWS" trotted him back out yet again.  They love to do that.  It's got nothing to do with the US or what we're experiencing.  

    Durbin made a point to note that when a Supreme Court nominee appears before the Judiciary Committee, they will always be asked about what laws would influence them the most ("whether or not they're going to be influenced by foreign laws") and that the answer the Committee always wants, expects and receives is "US law."  

    Chair Dick Durbin:  The answer they're waiting for is, "I stick with America."  And now we have references to Europe as the standard-bearer in terms of where America should go for it's future.  Secondly, if we're called an outlier in that headline [that a Republican wanted noted], guilty as charged.  America's always been an outlier. A written Constitution for over two hundred years.  A Bill of Rights that people can depend upon. We are outliers.  No one in Europe can make the same claim.  So I would just start with the premise, I love Europe, I love Europeans, but we're Americans.  And when it comes to the decisions as basic as the rights of our individual citizens and freedoms, I think we've got a pretty good starting point with the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  I want to ask you, Dr Lopez, there have been references made here to whether or not your profession and what you've done with your life for the last ten years is an outlier itself.  That in fact you're not doing what is mainstream medicine in America.  How do you respond to that?

    Dr Ximena Lopez: That is not true.  The type of care that I provide, gender affirming care, is the mainstream standard of care, best practice recommended by all the legitimate medical societies in the United States and across the world.  And, as I said in my opening statement, we have a clinical experience of more than twenty years and a robust body of evidence that supports this treatment as life saving, decreasing depression and anxiety.  There are no other studies that support any other treatment.  So this --

    Chair Dick Durbin: And --

    Dr Ximena Lopez (Con't): -- is the mainstream treatment.

    Chair Dick Durbin:  And accepted by the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics as well?

    Dr Ximena Lopez: Correct.

    Chair Dick Durbin: Is there any major medical profession organization in the United States of America that opposes this medical form of care?

    Dr Ximena Lopez: No.

    Chair Dick Durbin: That speaks for itself.  We're talking about science and medicine versus a political spin on the issue.  I want to say that I am old enough to remember the debate on The Equal Rights Amendment  fifty years ago -- the fears [that] 'If we pass the Equal Rights Amendment, women will be serving in combat.'  You know what?  Women are serving in combat because they want to serve in combat and we need them.  'If we pass The Equal Rights Amendment, we're going to have men and women sharing the same bathrooms.'  Have you been to restaurants with all gender bathrooms?  I've seen them quite frequently in Chicago and I'm sure you've seen them too.  When I listen to Ms. Gaines, I think, "There's a fundamental call for justice in your statement,'' I understand it.  We've got to be able to work that out as a nation.  And not at the expense of Harleigh Walker and her future.  There has to be a middle ground here that is fair to both.  As far as I am concerned, that's our job on this side of the table to deal with that moving forward.  Dr Lopez, you said, and I want to make sure it's on the record clearly, that accepted medical practices in the field does not provide for surgery for youth.  Is that correct? 

    Dr Ximena Lopez: There-there. Genital surgery is not recommended for minors.  That is the standard of care. 

    Chair Dick Durbin: And, in terms of hormone therapy, it's not administered until after puberty?

    Dr Ximena Lopez: That is -- that is recommended in adolescence.

    Chair Dick Durbin:  And if you went forward with any surgery at any point, or even medications that we're talking about, has it been your practice to involve the parents of the young person involved?

    Dr Ximena Lopez: That is the standard of care.  Parents, all legal guardians, parents have to consent to the treatment.  That's part of the medical decision making to involve the parents and discuss the risks and benefits like with any type of medical treatment.  And, at the end of the day, it is the parents that consent to the treatment. 

    Chair Dick Durbin: Ms. Robinson, you've noted the resurgence, if you will, of anti-LGBTQ legislation across the country.  A lot of it is focused on the transgender issue but not exclusively when we look at the body of legislation.  What else is coming up in the state legislature that concerns you?

    Kelley Robinson: I mean, we're concerned about bathroom bills re-emerging.  Not moving forward explicit non-discrimination protections for communities and so much more.  And for me, what's even more concerning is the violent rhetoric that surrounds every introduction of a bill, I mean, it's contribution to the fact that one-in-five of every hate crime is now motivated by anti-LGBTQ+ bias.  This is an urgent problem facing our community and creating fear and isolation even when the bills aren't passed into law.

    Chair Dick Durbin: Thank you.

    Let's note this exchange.

    Senator Chris Coons:  Let me talk initially to Ms. Walker, if I could, thank you.  As a parent of three children myself, I can only imagine how proud your parents must be of your poise and your advocacy.  And thank you for sharing with us that you're a straight-A student and participating in school and happy. It is a very difficult thing to insert yourself into these very heated debates in your home state of Alabama and nationally.  And I could feel your frustration, explaining that as you search for college, you feel you can no longer safely do so in your home state.  I just don't think that's right and I think someday soon we may be in a place where young people can search out their college dreams without having to worry about whether they're in a state that affirms them or not.  You mention something about this is not an ideology that's been pushed on you.  Could you just help us for a moment understand?  You describe consulting closely with your parents, then with your physician to make a decision about your future that reflects who you are and how you were created.  Can you just help us understand that a little bit further, Ms. Walker?

    Harleigh Walker: Yeah.  So, like I said, whenever I was about 11-years-old, I was doing research on LGBTQ community and I came across the term "transgender." And, growing up as a kid, I always knew that I was different.  And so I came to my parents with -- saying that I think I am transgender.  And, at first, we didn't really know what that meant.  We weren't super educated on the issue because, you know, at that time it wasn't a big public issue.  And so whenever we went to our doctors, they were all incredibly supportive and they never were telling me what I should do.  The entire first couple of visits were just listening to me, listening to my story, who I was and what I thought was best for me and what they could do to help me.  It wasn't, "You need to stop these puberty blockers immediately."  It wasn't, "You have to do all of this to identify as transgender."  Because everybody's journey is different. And they just wanted to do what was best for me.  And they listened to me to make sure that is what I wanted to do.

    Senator Chris Coons: Thank you. Dr Lopez, one of the things you mentioned was the importance of close consultations with parents in making a decision about gender affirming care.  Could you just briefly speak to the role that parents play in your practice making any decision about gender affirming care for their children?

    Dr Ximena Lopez: The decision to start gender affirming care is a highly complex decision.  It's not easy for any parent from any background.  Most parents are not well informed when this happens to them.  And it takes a lot of time and effort to meet with different types of professionals and the health providers and physicians to discuss risks and benefits and potential alternatives which is what should be done for any type of medical treatment.

    Senator Chris Coons: And what sort of impact do you see on the mental and physical health on your patients in a state where there is a ban imposed on that sort of care? Or on books or on discussions in school?  Does that have any impact whatsoever? 

    Dr Ximena Lopez: I am very, very worried.  That is the reason that I am here. I am here because I am very worried for the mental health of my patients.  

    Senator Chris Coons: Mmm-hmm.

    Dr Ximena Lopez: The ones that I see in my clinic who are supported by their parents and are receiveding gender affirming care are thriving and, if that is taken away from them, I am sure their mental health will worsen --  not only because the treatment that helps them is taken away but also because there's a -- there's a feeling of stigma and discrimination that has been created around them and, as I say, they're-they're debating whether to leave [the state] or hide.  And it's really -- it's really devastating. 

    Senator Chris Coons: Mr. Sharp, if I might, in your written testimony, you criticize schools for trying to replace parents as the ultimate determents of what's best for their children when it comes to things like teaching about LGBTQ rights and issues but, if I understand you correctly from your spoken testimony, you also think parents should be barred from making medical care decisions about their own children in the case of gender affirming care as described by Dr Lopez.  Which one is it?  Are parents in charge of what's in the best interests of their children or not?

    Matt Sharp: Thank you, Senator.  We do support the right of parents.  But our laws have long recognized that there are limits to those and parents can't consent to things that can be damaging and harmful --

    Stop.  We're done with him.  I don't have time for liars.  He's a hack when it comes to the law.  We have better things to do.  You, as a parent, can ask for any legal medical care for your child or refuse it on behalf of your child.  The only legal exception thus far has been is if you refuse care that is considered life sustaining -- meaning, if you refuse medical care that could save your child's life, you can be held liable for the child's death in a court of law.  

    I don't know how these people think they can get away with lying in an open hearing.  But Riley thought she could get away with lying regarding Venus and Serena and clearly she did because the lie was posted as truth by Glenneth Greenwald.

    And for the record, he said "right" not "rights."  That's not a typo.  He said, "We do support the right of parents."  Right.

    Senator Chris Coons: Dr Lopez, if I might, just in conclusion, your testimony was that the American Medical Association and the American Association of Pediatrics both support gender affirming care as an option for children and their parents to choose in consultation with physicians.  Is that correct?

    Dr Ximena Lopez: That is correct.

    Senator Chris Coons: And how do you reconcile with what Mr Sharp just said about the EU with our national, medical associations that are relevant to this care?

    Dr Ximena Lopez: First of all, no country in Europe has banned gender affirming care.  They have taken steps to make sure that there is a cautious approach when deciding eligibility for gender affirming care and, actually, the steps they have taken are very similar to what is the standard of care practices that is recommended by the Endocrine Society and The WPATH [The World Professional Association for Transgender Health] which does recommend very careful, comprehensive, lengthy assessment before deciding that this is the best care for the patients and there is no single research study that shows that psychological therapy as mentioned by [spokesperson] Sharp is enough to resolve gender dysphoria and mental health issues that transgender people can have. 


    These are serious issues.  These issues were ignored by our so-called left yet again.  Now the hate merchants were not silent.  They took Riley Gaines' nonsense story that has you picturing strong, seasoned, champion-women Serena and Venus taking on a man and losing due to their gender when in fact, they were still developing 16-year-old girls with Serena having been the 99th ranked female competitor the year immediately prior.  Serious issues.

    Kelley Robinson:  Recently, and for the first time in our nearly half-century history, HRC has declared a national state of emergency for LGBTQ+ people in the United States. Our emergency declaration is neither exaggeration nor dramatization, but a sober reflection of the dire circumstances faced by the LGBTQ+ community. It follows an unprecedented spike in anti-LGBTQ+ legislative assaults and political extremism across our nation, which is resulting in a health and safety crisis for LGBTQ+ Americans and causing countless families to reconsider whether they want to live and work in the states they call home.

    In Missouri, where legislators filed more than a dozen anti-LGBTQ+ bills this year, Governor Mike Parson signed one bill that bans lifesaving, gender-affirming health care for transgender children and another that keeps those same children from playing sports with their friends. Danielle and her husband, who are the parents of a transgender child, have a thriving agriculture business in the state and aging parents who live nearby. Still, they have been weighing whether Missouri is a safe place for their son to grow up. Danielle told us, “It’s unfair that Missouri is making us choose between doing what two different generations of my family need to survive.” In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis doubled down on his “Don’t Say Gay” law when signing a slate of extreme anti-LGBTQ+ bills in May. Julia and Theresa, a married couple living in central Florida who just welcomed their first child, are now leaving the state. Julie, an elementary school teacher, worries about losing her job as an out lesbian educator. Theresa, a nurse, said, “There aren’t laws saying I can’t take care of my trans patients anymore, but this is Florida, so it’s probably just a matter of time.” The couple is actively applying for jobs in other states. In Texas, where Governor Greg Abbott signed legislation banning transgender young people from receiving the health care they need, some families have made the decision to flee the state—including a family whose son relied on the services he was provided at Texas Children’s Hospital, a single mother who is moving her child overseas, and another mother who told me, “We have accepted that this state is not safe. It is a warlike zone.”

    In every corner of our country, there are parents and children, teachers and nurses, community leaders and small business owners who are afraid that the rise in legislative assaults and political extremism has put a target on their backs. LGBTQ+ people are living in fear, and such fear has no place in the United States of America.

    Thus, we have declared this state of emergency. In addition, we have issued a guidebook to help LGBTQ+ Americans stay safe as they navigate these new anti-LGBTQ+ laws—whether they are deciding to move, planning a vacation, or searching for a new job. We have also compiled a report that details the impact of these laws for advocates, policymakers, and the media. I have submitted both into the record for your reference.

    Although this is a state of emergency, I believe that we still live in a land of possibility and a nation that prides itself on progress. For every Missouri, there is a Minnesota, which recently passed a statewide ban on so-called “conversion therapy.” For every Florida, there is a Michigan, which recently became the 22nd state to make LGBTQ+ non-discrimination protections law. For every Texas, there is a Pennsylvania, which is on the cusp of becoming the 23rd. For every Defense of Marriage Act, there is a Respect for Marriage Act. And for every extremist, there are many more Americans who support LGBTQ+ rights.

    Our nation is greater than hate -- and we must act now to end this emergency and secure equality for every American, without exception.

    For every American, without exception.


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